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Footways and Carriageways

Highway Inspections

Regular inspections are carried out by Streetscene supervisors on footways and carriageways.

In addition, ad hoc inspections of the highway are carried out when alerted to a potential problem from members of the public, Councillors, etc.

Skidding Resistance Surveys

Skidding resistance will be measured by SCRIM (Sideways force coefficient routine investigations machine) surveys carried out in accordance with HD 28/94, Skidding Resistance, of the Design Manual for road and Bridges.  Surveys will be carried out every three years on Class A and B roads in both directions.  Surveys will normally be carried out by external contractor.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is principally related to remedying unsafe situations as they arise.

Dangerous situations, such as potholes greater than 50mm deep in carriageways and greater than 25mm deep in footways and cycleways are repaired within 72 hours.

Small Scale Works

These are essentially small improvements to carriageways, footways, drainage systems, fences etc.

Landscaped Areas and Trees

Outside 40mph limits rural grass is cut for a distance of 1m, from the edge of highway, twice a year commencing in May.  Grass is cut to an approximate height of 75mm.  Hand removal of grass from around ironwork, etc is also carried out.

Strimming takes place at pre-determined and pre-measured rural locations based in safety issues i.e. visibility at junctions and areas where tractor grass cutting is impractical.  Grass is strimmed to an approximate height of 75mm.  There are four monthly programmes commencing in May.

All urban grass cutting (inside 40mph limits) and upkeep of certain main accesses into Wrexham, such as A541 Mold Road Gateway, is carried out by the Environment Department.

Streetscene carries out weed control on all highways.

Vegetation obstructing street lighting and traffic signs is cut back.


All gullies (Approx 30,000) are cleaned once per year and those in known flooding sites cleaned twice a year.

Areas requiring further attention are noted and included on a jetting programme.

Schedules are produced detailing gully emptying by month and Community.

Manhole covers, gully frames and other ironwork are reset if considered to be too high or too low.

Resurfacing and Reconstruction

Annual programmes are produced for works such as resurfacing roads, resurfacing/reconstructing footways and drainage improvements.