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Difficult Decisions 2017-18 - You Said, We Did

‘Difficult Decisions 2017/18’ Consultation – ‘You Said, We Did’

In September and October 2016, Wrexham County Borough Council asked the public of Wrexham to take part in the ‘Difficult Decisions 2017/18 consultation, to inform the decisions we had to make in order to make savings from our budget in 2017/18.

A really important part of any consultation is feeding back to the participants about what has happened since they gave their opinions, and what effect their views have had.  This process of feedback is about being able to show where your views have directly impacted on a proposal, and also explaining when there are times where we could not do everything suggested by the public (and explaining why).

So, we are now presenting this ‘You Said, We Did’ report to show you the final decisions that have been made about each of the proposals presented for consultation.