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Getting Repairs Done

Your landlord will normally be responsible for carrying out essential repairs however this will depend upon your tenancy agreement, but as a general rule the landlord will be responsible for the structure and the exterior of the property and for maintaining essential services such as water, gas and electricity supplies, and for drainage. The tenant is normally only responsible for decorating the property internally, or maintaining any gardens but this will depend upon the agreement you have made with your landlord.

The first thing you should do is report the problem/s to your landlord. Even if the repair/s is minor and, you should always let your landlord know about it.

If the repair/s need to be done urgently (for example, if the heating breaks down during winter or there is a problem with a gas appliance) you should phone your landlord to ensure the work is carried out as quickly as possible. However, it's best to report the repair in writing as well.

Ask your landlord to tell you what will be done about the problem and when the repairs will be carried out. If your landlord is responsible for the repairs, they should be carried out within a reasonable time. There are no fixed time limits that repairs should be done by. The length of time that the law would consider reasonable depends on the type of repairs needed.

Most landlords do carry out repairs once they know about them. However, if your landlord fails to carry out the repairs after a reasonable period of time, you should contact Housing Standards.