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Scrutiny in Wrexham

Scrutiny Committees consist of all Members (also known as Councillors) who are not Members of the Executive Board. Their main purpose is to review and improve Council services, to make recommendations on future policy options and to act as a check on the Executive Board by holding it to account for its decisions.

The Scrutiny function is therefore important in demonstrating the Council's accountability. For example, Scrutiny Members can request Executive Board Members and Officers to attend their meetings to account for their decisions.

There are 5 Scrutiny Committees in Wrexham:

* This Committee also acts as the Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Committee as defined in Section 19 and 20 of the Police and Justice Act 2006

Scrutiny Co-ordinating Group, which comprises the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the scrutiny committees, oversees and co-ordinates the workload of the 5 scrutiny committees. 

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