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Strategic Equality Plan (SEP) 2016-2020

This plan sets out our equality objectives and action plans for making Wrexham County Borough a fairer place where people can achieve their potential, thrive and prosper.

We have developed regional and local equality objectives by working in partnership with a diverse range of local people and groups and with organisations from across North Wales.   

Our regional objectives cover issues that affect the whole of North Wales, such as health, and that can be more effectively addressed through working in partnership.

Our local objectives are the things that we will do to ensure that our working practices advance equality and contribute to the eradication of inequalities that affect the people of Wrexham. 

We have put in place arrangements to assess our achievements, monitor equality and train our elected Councillors and staff and we will report annually on our progress towards achieving our equality objectives.

I am proud to say that the Council is committed to delivering equality and improving quality of life for the people of Wrexham.

We welcome your feedback on our Strategic Equality Plan.

Dr Helen Paterson
Chief Executive
Wrexham County Borough Council