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Executive Board and Council Forward Work Programme

The Executive Board and Council Forward Work Programme is published each month to give advance notice of decisions that are likely to be taken during the next four month period by the Council and the Executive Board. The list of items included in the Forward Work Programme is not exhaustive as not all items requiring a decision will be known that far in advance.

The Forward Work Programme enables both Members of the Council and the public to see what decisions are in the pipeline, who will be taking them, when they are likely to be taken and what consultation will occur. The Forward Work Programme also identifies contact officers and Executive Board Lead Members who may be contacted to obtain further information about any specific item listed in the Programme.

The majority of decisions will be taken by the Executive Board but decisions will also be taken by the full Council.

The Executive Board normally meets on a Tuesday at 10.00am in the Guildhall, Wrexham. Meetings of the Executive Board are open to the public, except during consideration of items where there is a likelihood of exempt information being disclosed. Each decision will be the subject of a written report and that report will be available for public inspection (subject to some items being exempt) on the Council's website at least 3 working days prior to the date of the meeting at which the decision is expected to be taken.

A timetable for publication of the Forward Work Programme for the forthcoming year is as follows:

Period to which the Forward Plan relates Date Forward Plan is Published

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