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Adult Social Care Department – Emergency Duty Service

The Social Services Emergency Duty Service is provided by the Emergency Duty Team (EDT) and aims to provide a high quality social work response to emergencies that occur outside normal office opening hours. The Team provide a service to people (both children and adults) who are in crisis and are living in the county of Wrexham, Flintshire or Denbighshire.

The Team understands you may be in a situation where you feel very anxious and you feel this may be an emergency. We will always listen to you carefully and sensitively but will only take immediate action – e.g. visit you – if we think that you, or the person you are ringing on behalf of, is at serious risk.

Who can use the service?

The Emergency Duty Team provide a social work service outside normal office opening hours for anyone living in the counties of Wrexham, Flintshire or Denbighshire who is worried or concerned about themselves or somebody else and think that Social Services may be able to help. We can help children and young people, families, people with mental health needs, older people, people with disabilities and Carers.

What do we do?

A social worker from the Emergency Duty Team will carry out an assessment of your needs. The first stage of this will be done over the phone. We will provide advice, guidance and support to make sure the situation is safe until the next working day when daytime services are available. We work closely with other agencies that can help in emergency situations such as housing departments, Police, GPs and hospitals. We will sometimes make a home visit.

This would happen if:

If all members of the Team are busy, there may be a delay but you will be informed of this while you are on the phone and we may have to phone you back.

Situations when we can’t help

The Emergency Duty Service is not available in all situations and the Team has to prioritise who it provides help to. If we do not feel a visit is needed, we may put you in touch with another service, or make a referral to our daytime services.

How to contact us

The Emergency Duty Team is available: