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Online Admissions

The Council, as the Local Authority (LA) has to publish certain information about its schools and policies, which, together with the prospectus that the school prepares, will help you state your preference. This information is contained within the Parents’ Guide to Education Services in Wrexham document to which you should refer. Printed copies are available at the Authority’s schools, offices and, for reference purposes, at public libraries.

The Authority maintains a number of Welsh medium schools where all subjects are delivered to pupils through the medium of the Welsh language. In English medium schools Welsh is introduced and taught as a subject, with an increasing emphasis on using Welsh incidentally throughout the school day.

The Authority also operates a support service for late comers to Welsh medium primary education. Children will receive intensive support in either their host school or, if there is demand from a small group, in one of the Welsh medium schools. Support will run on a part time basis (.5 teacher support) for two terms and will be available from the beginning of the Autumn and Spring terms annually. A high percentage of pupils currently attending Welsh medium schools in Wrexham come from predominately English speaking homes.

If you wish to visit a school prior to expressing your preference, you should arrange an appointment with the headteacher. You will then be able to express your preference on the basis of the information contained in these documents and on the basis of any visit(s) you have made to the school(s).

Further information regarding the Policy and Procedures for admission to schools, including the School Admission Timetable, is contained in The Parent's Guide to Education Services in Wrexham.