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Admissions to Reception at Primary School for September 2019

The School Standards and Framework Act (1998) enables you to express a preference for the Primary School you would wish your child(ren) to attend. To help you to do this, the Local Authority (LA) has to publish certain information about its schools and policies which, together with the prospectus that the school has prepared, will help you state your preference.

Copies of the County Borough's "Parents' Guide to Education Services in Wrexham" are available for reference purposes at the Authority's offices, schools and at public libraries or click on the link to view this document. If you wish to visit a school prior to expressing your preference, you should arrange an appointment with the headteacher. You will then be able to express your preference on the basis of the information contained in these documents and on the basis of any visit(s) you have made to the school(s).

The law does not allow you to choose a school for your child, merely to state preferences to attend particular schools. Parents should state multiple preferences for Wrexham schools in case their application for one or more of their requested schools is unsuccessful.

From 1 October 2018 you can apply on-line for a reception school place for your child, using the On-line Admissions Service.  All you need is your email address in order to make an on-line application from your home computer, tablet or mobile phone.

By producing a library card you can also use the facilities at Contact Wrexham and Wrexham Library to make your on-line application.  If you prefer to complete a paper application form this can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Parents can state a number of preferences on their application from the list of schools provided.

Please note: The new Welsh medium school in the Borras Park area of Wrexham has not yet been given its official name, therefore, it is currently listed under ‘New Welsh medium school’.

The closing date for applications is 23 November 2018.

Online Admissions

Late applications will be dealt with after those that have been received on time, it is therefore very important for you to meet the deadline referred to above.

The Admitting Authority can only admit a certain number of pupils to each reception class and will only admit pupils up to the admission number, this number is shown in the school list in the Parents' Guide to Education Services in Wrexham.

If there are more applications made than there are places available at your preferred school, the Admission Authority will apply their over-subscription criteria as published in the County Borough's Parents' Guide to Education Services in Wrexham. Parents are reminded that if their child is currently in nursery, there is no guarantee of a place in reception at that school as a separate formal application needs to be made.

If you have expressed a preference for a community primary, or a controlled school, your application will be considered by the LA. Alternatively, if you have expressed a preference for a Catholic or Church in Wales Aided school, your application will be considered by the governing body of that school.

It will take some time for the allocation process to be completed but you will be informed by 16 April 2019 whether or not your child has been allocated a place at your preferred school.

If the LA, or in the case of the voluntary aided sector the governing body of the school, are unable to comply with your preference and are unable to allocate a place for your child at your preferred school, you will have the right to make representations to an independent Appeals Panel.

If you wish to appeal in the case of a community or voluntary controlled school, you should write to the Head of Education, Lambpit Street, Wrexham, LL11 1AR. For a Catholic school or a Church in Wales aided school, any appeal should be referred to the Clerk of the Governors of the school.  The relevant addresses are to be found in the County Borough's Parents' Guide to Education Services in Wrexham. For pupils with statements this procedure is dealt with by The Pupil Support Officer, who is based at Lambpit Street and can be contacted on (01978) 298991.

Occasionally, issues relating to a child’s ‘home address’ are brought to the LA’s attention after school places have been allocated. In such cases, the LA is obliged to carry out further investigations concerning a child’s ‘home address’ and in doing so, I may ask parents/carers to provide official documentation as evidence confirming a child’s ‘home address’. If there is equal, shared custody of the child, it is left to the parents to decide which address to use but we may ask to see a Court Order or other evidence to confirm this arrangement exists. The LA cannot accept two applications for one child. Parents must therefore reach a joint agreement or obtain an appropriate Court Order and submit a single application. Parents/carers are advised that a child’s school place may be lawfully withdrawn if the information given on their application is subsequently found to be fraudulent or misleading. The consequence of this could be that there may no longer be a place available for the child at their next nearest school.

If you feel that there are special circumstances you wish to bring to the Authority’s attention, please note them on your application. If your child has a disability, which could affect his/her progress and participation in school life, please note this on your application and provide any supporting evidence, for example a letter from a registered health professional such as a doctor or social worker.

If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs, the LA will try its best to allow your preference of primary school but it has to make sure that the school can meet your child's needs fully. After your application has been received, a Local Authority Officer will write to you and may wish to arrange a meeting to discuss your child's primary education.

If your child has an older brother or sister currently registered at the preferred school, who will still be registered at the time the younger one is due to start, please note this on your application, giving his/her name and date of birth.

Admission to community or voluntary controlled primary schools is governed by the Authority's Admissions Policy. Please note that, should you choose a community or voluntary controlled school other than the nearest primary school, the Authority will not be in a position to provide transport for your child(ren) and consequently it will be your responsibility to make and pay for such arrangements. Details about the Transport Policy are set out in the County Borough's Parents' Guide to Education Services in Wrexham.

Drop-in Sessions

School admission staff will be on hand to answer questions and offer advice regarding school admissions. Everybody welcome!

Between 10th September 2018 to 22nd February 2019

  • Fridays 9.30am - 4.30pm

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16 Lord Street,
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