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Brymbo Fossil Forest – The Appleton Collection

Gallery I – The Industrial History of Brymbo

Take a look at our online gallery which features a series of historic photographs and images of Brymbo iron and steelworks.

Use the arrows or thumbnails to navigate through the image gallery. If you want to view more information on the image click the "i" in the top left corner.

John Wilkinson, 1728-1808, ironmaster and founder of Brymbo Ironworks Old No.1, the original blast furnace at Brymbo Tapping the No.3 blast furnace The coke ovens at Brymbo Steelworks Brymbo Ironworks in the 1860s. The big cast iron pipes were made in the foundry Pipes being bored at Brymbo, 19th century Brymbo Steelworks from the south-east, c.1900 Mobile crane, Brymbo Mobile crane, Brymbo, with a large lump of slag Pig beds for the molten iron Open hearth furnacemen, Brymbo Brymbo Steelworks from the north-west Brymbo Steelworks from the east, 1975 Brymbo Steelworks from the south, 1983

The Appleton Collection – Gallery II – Brymbo Fossil Forest

Take a look at our online gallery which features a series of photographs taken during the excavation work at Brymbo.

Excavating fossils at the Brymbo fossil ‘forest’ Branching stems from giant club moss, 'Lepidodendron' Foliage, 'Lepidodendron' frond 'Lepidodendron', fossilized tree found at Brymbo 'Sigillaria' had leaves and roots similar to 'Lepidodendron' but its limbs rarely show branching Bark detail from differing species I - 'Lepidodendron' in mudstone below the 2-Yard Coal Bark detail from differing species II - unidentified tree species Bark detail from differing species III - 'Lepidodendron' 'Calamites', fossilized plant found at Brymbo. As well as large plants there are many smaller plants present in the forest including tree ferns and 'Calamites', relatives of modern horsetails. 'Euspenopteris', fossilized plant found at Brymbo Fossilized fern found at Brymbo. Seed ferns, 'Medullosales' - these fern fragments in the roof of the Crank Coal were deposited 300 million years ago. Section of fossilized ‘tree’ found at Brymbo Section of excavated fossilized ‘tree’ found at Brymbo Another tree in the fossil ‘forest’ at Brymbo