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Brymbo Fossil Forest – Preserved for Posterity?

The Brymbo fossil forest is the only example of its kind in Wales, but preserving it will be costly. Looking after the excavated fossils will require experienced conservators and plans to create a protective dome for the site could be expensive.


Typical responses to the exhibition from older and younger visitors

What do you think should happen to the fossil forest? Who should pay?

The Future of Brymbo Fossil Forest

Below you can find a selection of comments made by visitors to the exhibition.


Typical responses to the exhibition from younger visitors:

Fully preserved as a site of national scientific importance. The link between industry and the fossil record is an unusual but important link.
I think the council should pay for a percentage of the cost, and also the Wrexham public – the people that care to be involved.
I think the fossil forest should stay just where it is and be preserved where it is. I think the council should set up a centre for research and this could eventually become self-funding.
Much too important to be left to neglect or the elements – if displayed alongside the old steelworks material (as here) could be a really great resource – on site!
Why not an equivalent Eden Project in North Wales?
Bring back prescription charges in Wales for working people, it would soon pay for permanent site plus vital equipment for the NHS.
The idea of a permanent exhibit next to what remains of the steelworks should be pursued.
I hope the fossil forest has a future. What are our local politicians doing to get proper funding to safeguard it. Are the amateurs who are doing work just taking stuff or looking after it for everyone.
The Government should preserve it! Way the world’s going, there won’t be any thing to preserve, modern or ancient.

Visitor comments about the exhibition


Typical responses to the exhibition from younger visitors:

I think it was a most unusual forest. I loved it.
A credit to the museum. 8 out of 10.
We have come to see the Brymbo fossil forest. It was found where my dad used to work.


I have enjoyed the fossils and the miners’ artefacts.


Very interesting – brought my grandson to visit. My grandfather was a collier. He gave me three fossils which I took to school. They were displayed on the nature table – they were stolen. Brings back memories.

June, Stoke-on-Trent

I thought it waz brill! I like the military orchid!

Loz (Lauren)

I have had fun and I have enjoyed the time looking at the fossils. I love fossils. I really do.


It was really good. I want to come back.


I liked it. I never got bored, I liked the fossils best.

Jack, aged 8

It was good, it was interesting. I liked the fossils. I liked the slide show.

Mark, St Christophers

It was very interesting because I didn’t know a lot about fossils and now I do.


Interesting and educational. However, as a newcomer to the area, I would have appreciated a map with the location relative to Wrexham/North Wales on it to help me.
So small a museum, yet such a lot of interest. Thanks. Loved it.


We had a very nice time and came back again the next day. Thank you all.


Typical responses to the exhibition from younger visitors

I had a fossiltastic time…

Grace x

I had a lovely, brilliant time. I liked the fossils and the fossilised things.


Wedi mwynhau gweld y ffosilau.


I loved it! History rocks. I the prehistoric.


It was a good exhibit. I liked the insects in amber.
I have enjoyed the fossils and the miners’ artefacts.


Nice exhibition but could do with some replicas that you can touch ’ a handling collection.
Arddangosfa ddiddorol IAWN!


Such a small museum, but it has great exhibitions
It was ok because the video is in Welsh and it’s a bit small. Star rating:

Ruby, London

I really enjoyed myself. I learnt a lot. I like the trees with the animals in. Thank you.


I think the museum should provide more information about the objects, where they were found.
I think it’s a great place, very interesting and the trail was good fun.


This museum is quite interesting and there are lots of activities.

Harvey & Matthew