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Brymbo: Foundries, Furnaces and Faith

New display opens at Wrexham County Borough Museum & Archives.

The current ‘People and Places’ themed display in the main gallery at Wrexham Museum highlights the history of Brymbo. The display is based on the industrial, social and art history collections cared for by the museum, including:

The display also provides an opportunity to showcase the art works and sculpture of Brymbo Steel Works’ former employee, Ben Boenisch. Mr Boenisch, a stalwart of the Wrexham & District Arts Association in the 1970s and 1980s, worked as the catering manager at Brymbo. The occasional dangers of the Electric Melting Shop and the rolling mill were nothing compared to Mr Boenisch’s wartime career: fighting the Wehrmacht following the German and Soviet invasion of his homeland, Poland, in 1939; escaping across war-torn Europe initially to France and then to Britain; before fighting with the Royal Artillery in Burma.

The ‘People and Places’ display case is located in the centre of the main gallery at Wrexham Museum.