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Road Marking and Non-Illuminated Signs and Bollards

Road markings and Road Studs

All mandatory markings existing before resurfacing or surface dressing are either masked during treatment or replaced as soon as reasonably practicable after completion of the work. If permanent marking needs to be delayed for whatever reason then temporary markings are considered.

After resurfacing, Give Way and Stop markings should be replaced within 7 days, other mandatory signs within 14 days and road studs within 28 days. "No Road Markings Signs" should be used during resurfacing.

Reflective studs which are either missing or have become defective will be replaced with an aim of 90 percent of studs to be reflective prior to the winter period.

Road markings on Class A and B roads and at known accident sites should be renewed when more than approximately 30 per cent of their area becomes ineffective or worn away.

Roadmarkings at pedestrian crossings should be replaced after approximately 30per cent deterioration.

Non illuminated Signs and Bollards

Non illuminated signs and bollards should be inspected every two years at night after cleaning, which should be carried out annually.

Damaged signs are repaired as soon as possible.

Signs, supports and frames should be repainted every ten years.