Our aim is to ensure all children and young people in Wrexham have access to fun, social and inclusive community-based physical activity, to encourage regular participation and reduce health-related issues that are linked to inactivity.

Club support

We offer support and guidance to sports clubs and organisations in Wrexham, so they can continue to offer amazing opportunities and experiences to local communities.

By providing help with marketing, club development, volunteer recruitment and funding applications, we look to ensure our community sport providers continue to grow and develop, ensuring their stability and longevity, and promoting a wide variety of opportunities for everyone in Wrexham.

As part of our work, we give organisations the chance to be a part of our club directory

The directory provides the public with a useful list of local sports clubs – making it easier for people to learn about and access local sport.

We also look to share information on some of our local clubs through a monthly ‘club focus’ – sharing good news stories and information.

Contact us to join our club directory and be a part of our club focus.

Email: activewrexham@wrexham.gov.uk.

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Community activities

We aim to develop and deliver a wide range of activities to ensure all children and young people in Wrexham have access to fun, social and inclusive physical activity, to encourage regular participation and reduce health related issues that are linked to inactivity.

Programmes are driven from local insight as we look to provide new opportunities within communities and fill gaps in provision.

We work with our local partners to provide varied and accessible opportunities for all to participate in community sport and physical activity. 

If you would like information on how to attend any of these session or any further information on how to get involved or access local clubs, contact us.

Email: activewrexham@wrexham.gov.uk.

Holiday opportunities

As part of our ongoing work to provide opportunities for all to participate in fun and inclusive physical activities, we want to ensure that even during holidays, there will be a wide range of options available.

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms for up and coming events as well as some fantastic images and videos from the activities!

To book your place and for additional information, contact us.

Email: activewrexham@wrexham.gov.uk.

Community volunteer pathway

The Active Wrexham Volunteer Pathway offers volunteers the opportunity to build their experiences of leadership in sport.

The programme will help volunteers develop leadership skills while volunteering with clubs within the Wrexham area.

The skills volunteers develop will not only benefit them in sports leadership, but also in other areas of life such as school and work.

Whatever the sport or physical activity a volunteer wishes to volunteer in, we will support them.

The only requirements are that the club or group is based in Wrexham County Borough and volunteers are actively volunteering at least one hour every three months.

Volunteers aged 16 or above will also have to complete a DBS check before we can allow them to volunteer on our pathway, but this is free for volunteers.

Aims of the pathway

  • To give volunteers the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership.
  • To grow and develop a qualified and experienced workforce within Wrexham County Borough.
  • To provide local clubs with an additional workforce.

Benefits to the volunteer

The main priority of the pathway is to help individuals feel they have improved their confidence and competence when it comes to leadership in sport during their time volunteering.

Active Wrexham will also help volunteers attain coach education and CPD. 

This will be directly funded by ourselves, or by a combination of ourselves and local community clubs – depending on the qualification the volunteer is looking to attain. 

No volunteer is the same, so neither is our pathway the same for everyone. We help to develop a pathway based on the individual, the sport or physical activity they are volunteering in and what they wish to achieve from volunteering. 

Volunteering roles include:

  • Assisting in session leadership
  • Refereeing/umpiring
  • Administrative
  • Marketing/promotion

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Leisure centres
  • Community sports clubs
  • Festivals, tournaments and events

Volunteering with Active Wrexham will improve your CV, give you experience of the sports coaching/sport development industry and develop skills that are transferrable to all areas of life.

If you are interested in volunteering, then Active Wrexham wants you.

Contact us for further details on how to sign up as a volunteer with Active Wrexham.

Email: coachingandvolunteering@wrexham.gov.uk.