Blue Badges allow people who are disabled or have a health condition that affects their mobility to park closer to where they need to go. You can apply for a Blue Badge as a driver, passenger or organisation.

You can renew or apply for a new Blue Badge online through the link at the end of this page.

New and renewal Blue Badges are free of charge.

Please read the information below before submitting your application, this will help speed up your application.


Automatic applications

You will be automatically eligible for a Blue Badge if you are:

  • Receiving Disability Living Allowance (higher rate mobility)
  • Receiving Personal Independence Payments, the requirement is 8 or more points under the moving around category or 12 points under the planning and following a journey category. 
  • Receiving War Pensioner’s mobility supplement
  • Receiving Armed Forces compensation scheme payments
  • Registered blind

Please make sure you provide a recent eligibility letter. If you receive Personal Independence Payments we require the full letter that includes the points you have been awarded.

Discretionary applications

If you don’t fit into the automatic criteria you may be eligible under the ‘discretionary’ criteria. This means that we will decide if you are eligible if you can provide enough relevant evidence.

Once your application has been submitted it will be saved along with any supporting evidence you provided.

To help speed up the process, please attach as much evidence to the application as possible, such as:

  • A photograph of walking aids you use to assist with your mobility
  • A photograph of any adaptations in place in your property (for example, grab rails, ramps, raised steps)
  • Proof of any medication prescribed for mobility purposes (should be the most recent prescription and should include inhalers, GTN sprays and nebulisers if applicable)
  • Evidence of any assessment by social services
  • Proof of Attendance Allowance 
  • Proof of Carers Allowance 
  • Proof of meal delivery service, care services or additional support services, including family 
  • Prescription for the use of oxygen or proof of delivery note for the use of oxygen

Cognitive applications

The cognitive criteria applies to people who have difficulty planning or following a journey, to such an extent that they need constant supervision.

This may include people: 

  • with autism
  • with Alzheimer's or dementia
  • who have had a stroke
  • with learning disabilities
  • with mental health conditions
  • with head or brain injuries

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and this criteria is not entirely based on diagnosis of conditions. You must have safety needs (meaning you require supervision) as described above.

Eligibility evidence required

A letter from a healthcare professional stating that you have been diagnosed with a cognitive impairment and require constant supervision (essential).

If you are under 64

You will need to provide proof that you are receiving the higher rate care component of the Disability Living Allowance.

If you are over 64

You will need both of the following; a letter of:

  • diagnosis of cognitive impairment from a health professional
  • attendance to a memory clinic or similar

We may use an independent advisory service to determine your eligibility for a Blue Badge if you are unable to provide the above evidence.

Temporary applications

The temporary criteria applies to people who have a mobility impairment that is expected to last at least 12 months.

As the applicant you will need to provide evidence that your impairment is likely to last for at least 12 months and should describe in detail how the condition/treatment affects your ability to walk.

The eligibility criteria for a temporary Blue Badge uses the same measure of mobility as used for the permanent eligibility criteria, so the evidence must clearly define your mobility difficulties.

This letter would need to be from one of the following:

  • Hospital re-enablement teams involved in patient health care
  • Local authority social services who assist in patients rehabilitation
  • Health professionals providing specialist services for example, a hospital consultant (these may be paid for privately)

A letter from your GP will not be acceptable.

We may use an independent advisory service to determine your eligibility for a Blue Badge if you are unable to provide the above evidence.

General guidance

If you need support completing your online application

Family or friends are able to submit an online application on your behalf if they are not able to help you in person. 

If you do not have the support of a relative or friend you can contact our published transport number (find contact details on our contact page).

If you receive Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments

If you receive either of these benefits we may able to confirm your eligibility without you providing an award letter. You need to include a National Insurance number in the application to allow us to carry out this check. 

In some cases we may not be able to verify your eligibility this way. If that happens we would then contact you to ask you to provide your full letters.

If you are requesting an award letter for Personal Independence Payments please ask that the full letter is provided which includes the points you have been awarded.

Uploading documents to your application

Follow our step by step guidance if you’re unsure how to upload documents as evidence in your application.

Alternatively you can skip this step when you are filling in the online application by selecting 'continue without uploading'. You would then need to email the documents separately to, or post them to Contact Wrexham, Wrexham Library, Rhosddu Road, Wrexham, LL11 1AU, (however we advise that you send copies not original documents).

Application processing time

Once you submit a new or renewal application we will contact you within 10 to 15 working days to advise you what the next steps are. As applications are reviewed on a case by case basis the full processing time can vary.

If your badge is lost, stolen or damaged

If your badge has been lost or stolen and you do not have a crime reference number a £10 fee is charged to replace the badge.

If you change address

If we issued your badge and you move to a new local authority it is your responsibility (as the badge holder) to inform us of the change of address. We can change the address details and inform the new local authority. You will not need a replacement badge.

If a badge holder passes away

If a badge holder passes away their badge should be returned to Contact Wrexham, Wrexham Library, Rhosddu Road, Wrexham, LL11 1AU.

Expired badges

You must reapply for a Blue Badge before your current one expires. You can apply to renew your badge 12 weeks before your old badge expires.

Regulations require the immediate return of expired badges for enforcement purposes. If you continue to use an expired badge you are committing a criminal offence and are liable for a fine up to £1000.

Expired badges can be returned to Contact Wrexham, Wrexham Library, Rhosddu Road, Wrexham, LL11 1AU.

Apply for a Blue Badge online