Our Well-being team works with adults aged 18 and over, who are experiencing mental health and well-being difficulties due to social factors. 

We understand that many people experiencing mental health difficulties, or who care for someone who is, may find it hard to ask for support.

What we do

As a team we focus on:

  • earlier intervention
  • understanding what causes mental ill health
  • developing skills that promote resilience and self-care

We also work with individuals who have experienced severe and enduring mental illness by supporting them in their rehabilitation, through a personalised approach.

We place the individual, their family and carers, at the centre of the support.

Our aim is to make sure those we are supporting have an understanding of their own mental health. We want to make sure they are able to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions that improve well-being. 

What we provide

Depending on the amount of support someone needs from us we can help through one of three tiered approaches.

Tier 1

We work alongside organisations, services and support networks across central and rural areas of Wrexham. We ask about what matters to the individual. This means we can then offer support and guidance so they can access services best suited to help them.  

Tier 2

We can offer specialist assessments that identify more targeted support through a social work intervention and co-working with partner agencies. We support the person to develop coping strategies and skills to come up with their own solutions to prevent problems from escalating. 

Tier 3

We understand that due to the nature of mental health issues, individuals can often present with complex needs. This can affect both their health and well-being meaning several professionals and services may need to get involved. 

We may take this approach depending on the nature of the mental health need, or where there is a crisis of need such as:

  • safeguarding concerns
  • a need for a Mental Health Act assessment

Where there is a complex and/or a critical need, such as an escalation of risks, we respond quickly. We do this by working with partner agencies to put a risk management and safety plan in place to safeguard the person and/or others.

We work with partners in both the statutory and the third sector.

Contact our Well-being team

The team are available during the following times:

  • Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm 
  • Fridays 9am to 4.30pm

You can make a referral by contacting the Adults Single Point of Access (SPOA) by emailing AdultsSPOA@wrexham.gov.uk or calling 01978 291100.

For further information please email: wellbeingteam@wrexham.gov.uk.