What is the 'Safe Place' scheme?

The Safe Place scheme provides reassurance to people who may feel vulnerable when they go out, helping them to live more independent lifestyles.

Knowing there are Safe Places in their community offering help if needed, helps people feel safer and more confident going out into their community. 

How this scheme works

Safe Places scheme logo

Local shops, businesses and organisations sign up to become a ‘Safe Place’. A sticker is placed in the window or on a door of a Safe Place, identifying that help is available there.

If you are someone who may feel vulnerable while you are out, you can sign up to the scheme and get your own Safe Places card to carry with you. The card will show contact details for someone you trust so that a member of staff in a Safe Place can call them if you need help.

As well as calling the trusted contact person on your Safe Places card, members of staff at a Safe Place can:

  • find you somewhere safe to wait and reassure you until the situation is resolved
  • call the police or an ambulance if it is an emergency 

Apply for a Safe Places card

If you wish to use the Safe Places scheme you can fill out the application form. You’ll need to provide some details about yourself, along with the names and phone numbers of up to three trusted contacts (this is someone who can be called when you need help - it could be a family member, carer or friend).

Once you have sent your completed application, our Wrexham Safe Places team will explain how to use the scheme. You will receive a list of Safe Places in Wrexham and the Safe Places card with your chosen contacts numbers on, to carry when you are out and about.

Apply now

Where can I find a Safe Place in Wrexham?

You can find a list of all the Safe Places on the Wrexham page of the Safe Places website.

All libraries in Wrexham are also Safe Places - you can find the address, opening times and contact details for all Wrexham libraries on the ‘your local library’ link below.

If you download the Safe Places phone app, this can show you Safe Places nearest to you (within a 15 minute walk) that are open when you need them.

The Safe Places phone app

You can download the free Safe Places phone app on the Apple app store or the Google Play store.

Contact the Wrexham Safe Places team

Make your local shop, business or organisation a Safe Place

If you have a shop, business or organisation in Wrexham you can help by signing your premises up to be a Safe Place.

To sign up you can fill in the online application form on the Safe Places National Network website.

Once you have signed your premises up your staff then receive some simple, free training so they know what to do if someone needs to use the scheme. Wrexham Safe Places team provide this training and will contact you to arrange this.

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