The Banding Scheme

We use a Banding Scheme to prioritise applicants for housing (with the exception of ‘Management Moves').

The Banding Scheme consists of five bands, from one to five in descending order of priority. We place you in one of the priority bands, depending on your circumstances.

We then allocate a vacant property to the applicant in the highest band who’s been waiting the longest for the type of property that’s become available in that area.

You’ll only be placed in Bands 1, 2 or 3 if you have a local connection (living, working or having close family ties) with Wrexham County Borough.

Management Moves and Local Lettings Policy

There may be exceptions to the Banding Scheme in certain circumstances, this is called Management Moves.

In situations where there are particular management issues, we consider applying Local Lettings Policies.

These extra policies are used to specify certain households that can be considered for housing in certain areas.

We currently have policies for the following…

  • A support scheme for people with learning disabilities.
  • Properties suitable for applicants aged 30 or over.
  • Properties suitable for applicants aged 50 or over.

The involvement of local councillors

Local council members can play a role in the lettings process - by advising and representing their local communities, making sure we carry out our letting policy fairly and consistently.

Local members can…

  • Make representations on behalf of constituents, to make sure all the facts of their case are considered.
  • Receive notification of vacancies in their wards when they’re allocated.
  • Receive regular updated information on available housing, lettings and the number of applicants registered for housing.
  • Be involved in future policy reviews to make sure it is achieving its aims.

Local members can’t…

  • Be directly involved in the allocation of properties to applicants who live in their ward.
  • Be involved in the allocation of properties in their ward.