The various stages and processes attached to an election are set in legislation. 

The timetable below sets out the various stages that are followed in the run up to an election. It includes what you are expected to do to complete your various tasks as a candidate and what you can expect from us in administering the election. 

Election timetable

Notice of election

The notice of election formally starts the election process.

Nomination papers can be delivered following the publication of this notice. 

Delivery of nomination papers

Nominations to stand for election can be submitted.

Close / withdrawal of nomination

Nominations for election cannot be submitted, withdrawn or amended after this date. 

Deadline to appoint election agents

If standing for the county borough council and appointing an election agent, this is the deadline to appoint someone to that role or you will become your own election agent by default. 

Statement of persons nominated

This notice will display all the names of people standing for election. 

Deadline for electors to register to vote

This is the last day electors can register on the electoral roll in order to be registered in time for the election and able to vote. 

Deadline for electors to request, cancel or change a postal vote

Voters who cannot attend a polling station to vote must request a postal vote no later than this deadline (our ‘how to vote’ page explains how this can be done). 

Deadline for electors to request a proxy vote

Voters who cannot attend a polling station or vote by post can appoint someone else to vote on their behalf no later than this deadline (our ‘how to vote’ page explains how this can be done). 

Deadline to appoint counting and polling agents

Candidates are entitled to appoint agents to observe certain elements of the voting process for transparency. This is the deadline for giving notice to the Returning Officer your appointments for the election.

Polling day

This is the day voters will attend polling stations to vote in the elections. Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm. 

Counting of the votes

The timing of the count depends on each individual election but is usually immediately following the close of poll and through the night of the election, or will begin the following day. 

Deadline to submit election expenses (county borough council)

Each candidates standing for election is required to submit a set of election expense forms confirming that they did not exceed the spending limit as part of their campaign.