In the middle of the stress of planning to move it’s easy to forget who to notify about your change of address. As soon as you know that you’ll be moving, put together a list of who you’ll need to contact - to avoid extra stress and the risk of identity fraud.

Who to notify

Below are examples of common types of companies/organisations that will need to know about a change of address.

Some companies, such as your energy provider, may require a certain amount of notice before you move to be able to apply any changes.

Utility providers

Contact your gas, electricity, and water suppliers as early in advance as possible, to avoid extra charges and bills. Schedule a shutoff for these services at your old address and make sure you have your suppliers set up correctly for your new home. You should also take a final metre reading when you leave your property.

Broadband and landline providers

Let your cable/satellite and internet providers know about your move to avoid last minute cancellation fees, moving house is also good opportunity to shop around for better deals.


Inform any banks, credit companies, and other financial institutions you’re registered with, of your new address shortly before moving or immediately after you move. Forgetting to do this may put you at risk of identity fraud.


Notify the Council Tax department of your local council about your move. You can contact our Council Tax department by emailing

Insurance companies

Let your home or renters’ insurance provider know about your move and make necessary arrangements for your new property to make sure that your insurance is valid.

Car and motor vehicle services

If you drive you should tell the DVLA,  your vehicle insurance company, vehicle registration, and breakdown recovery company that you’re moving before your move date to help prevent car insurance issues.


If you have children who are in school, tell their school that you’re moving so they can keep their database up to date in case they need to contact you.


Let your employer know that you’re moving as they will need to update their records for payroll purposes.


If you live in a rented property, you should review your rental agreement and notify your landlord of your intention to move out by the specified time (typically, you’re required to give at least 30 days’ notice).

Health services

Inform any health services you’re registered with (e.g. doctor, dentist, optician, pet’s veterinary surgery) that you’re moving. If you’re moving outside of the catchment area of your local practice, you may have to register with a new surgery.

Post Office

Your local Post Office can help you organise any post that is still being sent to your old address by redirecting it for you (external link), there is a fee for this service.

Even after moving, you should keep an eye on your post for a few weeks. If you don’t receive letters or bills that you would expect, contact the relevant company or organisation to make sure that they have updated your address. 

Other companies/organisations you may need to notify are...

  • Clubs and organisations you have a membership with
  • Mobile network operators
  • Regular subscriptions or deliveries