Our Planning, Building Control and Land Charges services are currently implementing a new ICT software package system that will be used to process applications and enquiries.   

This is due to go live on May 28, 2024. This may result in some disruption and delays in the initial processing of applications and enquiries for any applications submitted after May 13, 2024.  

If you have any further queries or require any further advice please contact buildingcontrol@wrexham.gov.uk

Building regulations are designed to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of people in and about buildings.

The regulations cover a number of factors that may have to be considered in building work (for example structural stability, fire safety, electrical safety, drainage). They also help to secure access and facilities for disabled people, as well as encouraging the conservation of fuel and power.

If you're a homeowner and planning an extension or conversion, you may need building regulations approval as well as planning permission. In some cases building regulations approval might be needed for a project even if it does not require planning permission.

Do I need building regulations approval?

You are likely to need building regulations approval if you want to do any of the following:

  • put up a new building or extend or alter an existing one
  • provide fittings such as drains or heat-producing appliances
  • provide washing and sanitary facilities or hot water storage
  • install replacement double glazing

You may also need to think about building regulations if you are going to change the use of an existing building, or if the work will affect a nearby property. 

The Local Authority Building Control (LABC) website provides further guidance on what types of construction projects need building regulations approval.

You can contact us by emailing bc_admin@wrexham.gov.uk before starting any building work, so that we can advise whether the regulations apply.


As the local authority we are here to ensure that construction works on site comply with building regulations and legislation.

You (an applicant/contractor) must advise us when works commence so that the surveyor can arrange to meet you on site. You can contact us by emailing bc_admin@wrexham.gov.uk, or by calling 01978 298870.

The key stages for inspections are:
1.    Commencement of works
2.    Excavations for foundations
3.    Damp proof course
4.    Drains prior to covering
5.    Testing of drains
6.    Floor and roof constructions
7.    Completion inspection

At the end of works, a surveyor must carry out a completion inspection, so that a completion certificate can be provided which should be put with the deeds to the property for future reference.

Street naming and numbering

The building control section is responsible for the naming and numbering of new housing, commercial and industrial developments.

The key stages of the process are:

  • Early liaison with potential developers to agree names
  • Liaison between Council Members, the Post Office and other statutory bodies
  • New roads and properties must be named and numbered in accordance with approved guidelines and procedures, prior to occupation of the building

Applying for building regulations approval

Types of building regulations approval 

There are two ways to apply for building regulations approval - by a full plans application or a building notice application.

Full plans

For a full plans application, plans need to be produced showing all constructional details, preferably well before you begin building.

The application will be thoroughly checked by us, and we may ask for amendments to the plans before we approve them. We may add conditions to an approval, with your written agreement.

Building notice

For building notice applications, the building work will be inspected as it proceeds. You will be advised by a building control surveyor if, at any stage, the work is found not to comply with the regulations.

However, if we require any further information about your proposal either before the commencement date or during building, you will be asked to supply us with the details requested.

You must feel confident that the work will comply with the regulations or you risk having to correct it at our request.

How to apply for building regulations approval

To request a building regulations approval form, or for information about building control charges, email bc_admin@wrexham.gov.uk.

Once you have completed the application form you will need to return it by email to bc_admin@wrexham.gov.uk, or print it out and send to ‘Wrexham County Borough Council - Planning Department,  Lambpit Street, Wrexham, LL11 1AR’. 

Alternatively you can use the Local Authority Building Control National Portal ‘Submit-a-Plan’ to make an application.