Improving the future for Wrexham’s children 

Foster a local child today, to help keep children in their local area, in their local schools with their friendship groups and near their family for contact.

We are looking for a variety of different people to foster the children of Wrexham, through emergency, short term, and long term placements. We need foster carers for children, including those with disabilities, adolescents, sibling groups, and parent and child placements. You could offer family homes to Wrexham’s children, who need your time, love and patience.

Find out more

You can find information about fostering in Wrexham on this webpage. If you’re interested in fostering and would like to find out more, you can pop along to one of our open evenings or send us a quick enquiry using our online form.

Fostering enquiry form



Open events

We will be holding virtual open events via Zoom on the following dates:

Thursday, September 3, 10am

Thursday,  September 10, 5pm

Saturday, September 19, 12:30pm 

Please contact our fostering team for more information.

Frequently asked questions about fostering

Can I foster?

To become a foster carer you must be at least 21 years old; you’ll also need to have a spare bedroom and the right values.

Some people may not be sure whether they’ll be able to foster due to certain circumstances (e.g. being single or working full time). If you’re unsure you can read stories from foster carers in different circumstances that we have approved.

How long does it take to become a foster carer?

The assessment process takes 6 months to become approved as a foster carer.

Do I get paid?

You receive an allowance to help cover the costs that come with looking after a child/young person. You can also receive a skills payment by completing additional training and qualifications.

Am I too old to foster?

Age is just a number, our foster carers in Wrexham range from 21 to 80 years old. We are looking for someone with caring qualities to give Wrexham’s young people the best possible life, multiple opportunities, support and devotion.


“I’m single”

I am a single foster carer for Wrexham Council and find fostering very rewarding. It can be tricky on my own sometimes but I have a good support system around me (my family and friends). I also have a social worker dedicated to me and one to the young person who lives with me, they help me a lot.

“I work full time”

My partner and I work full time but fostering fits in with my busy life, I offer short stays for children at weekends and in the holidays. We have two children that come to stay once a month and we have built up a great relationship with them and look forward to fun filled weekends when they are with us.

“I have children of my own”

Two years ago I had two children of my own, since our foster child has come to live with us, we now have 3 children. They are a part of our family. There was an adjustment period at the start and we had a lot of conversations with our two children before we enquired to become foster carers. They treat each other as siblings who have known each other their whole life.

“I am in rented accommodation”

I rent my home and didn’t have any problems becoming a foster carer, you just need to have a spare room for the child. It takes a special kind of person to foster, you need to be patient, caring, supportive and fun.

Benefits of being a foster carer for Wrexham Council  

Ongoing support

Once you become a foster carer you will be provided with guidance and advice from your designated social worker.
You’ll also be able to get involved and stay up to date with fostering in Wrexham through...

  • Monthly coffee mornings - where you can meet with other foster carers
  • Monthly newsletters - these will inform you about events, celebrations and opportunities
  • The Christmas party - celebrate Christmas with other foster carers, children and young people
  • Awards evenings - these have been set up to celebrate the achievements of foster carers and young people


You’ll receive an allowance to cover the costs of raising a child (including for clothing, food and transport).

The following financial benefits are also offered to our foster carers:

Council Tax reduction scheme

We are offering a 75% Council Tax reduction for all approved foster carers who have offered placements to children within the previous tax year (the scheme was introduced from April 1, 2020).

All foster carers who live within Wrexham County Borough will receive a revised bill with the 75% reduction applied.

For foster carers who live outside of the borough we require a copy of their Council Tax demand. The 75% reduction will then be applied and they will receive a payment for this amount.

The offer applies to generic and kinship (connected persons) foster carers who have been approved through Wrexham.

Discount card

All foster carers will receive a Max Card, providing access to discounts on lots of activities (at participating venues across the UK).

Skills payments

You can also receive a ‘skills payment’ by completing additional training and qualifications.


Pre-approval training (Skills to Foster Training)

This is a three day training course before you become a foster carer. The course is designed to help you understand what to expect from the fostering process and whether fostering is the right choice for you.

Post approval training

You will receive annual training such as safeguarding and pediatric first aid, as well as extra training to help you understand needs of children specific to your individual circumstances.

Fostering Friendly employer

We (Wrexham Council) are now a fostering friendly employer. This means our employees who foster for Wrexham will be entitled to an extra 5 days annual leave to attend meetings, training and as part of supporting the placement.

What are the typical timescales for the process of becoming a foster carer?

The fostering process

Please note that, due to the Covid-19 situation, our recruitment officers are currently contacting via video call instead of an initial visit.

The fostering process
Timescale Stage What this means for you What our fostering service does
Day 1 Enquiry Call, email, submit online enquiry or attend open evening Receive information and application pack
Day 2 Phone call/Initial visit Discuss fostering, ask any questions and discuss expectation etc. Recruitment officer to visit to explain everything about fostering
Within 1st month Application Complete application form Process application and create on our internal systems
Within 1st month Complete relevant checks All the information will be taken from your submitted application form Send off for check, e.g. probation, mental health, references
Within 1st month DBS application Complete forms Verify documents
Within 5 months (can be quicker) Skills to Foster Training Attend and learn about what you need to expect from fostering Deliver training, we run these every few months
Within 5 months (can be quicker) Form F assessment In-depth assessment to look at your suitability to become a foster carer Social worker to complete assessment
6 months Panel Attend the panel to be approved as foster carer Approve as a foster carer for Wrexham County Borough Council
Post 6 months Ongoing support Attending training and support groups To provide support and guidance 


Contact our fostering team


Tel: 01978 295316