Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) can give you extra money when you need help meeting your housing costs.

The funding comes from a government grant, and once the grant for the financial year has been spent, we can’t legally make any further payments.

Can I claim DHP?

DHP isn’t part of the Housing Benefit scheme, but you must be receiving Housing Benefit or the Universal Credit Housing Costs element to claim it.

You’ll need to show that your Housing Benefit or Housing Costs element of Universal Credit aren’t covering all of your housing costs.

How do I claim DHP?

You’ll need to contact us, explaining why you should be considered for DHP.

You’ll also need to include a complete financial statement showing your income and outgoings. 

We’ll use this information to see whether you need further financial assistance to meet your housing costs. 

How much will I get?

It depends on your circumstances, however the amount can’t exceed your rent amount when combined with your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs. 

How long can I claim for?

We can award a DHP for as long as it feels necessary, though this is dependent on the amount of grant remaining.  

It could be for a short period, or for longer - until there’s a change in your circumstances. 

We’ll always tell you when it will start and end, although it can only be awarded until the end of the financial year.  A new application would need to be made if an award was required for a longer period.

DHP payments can be backdated, depending on your circumstances.

How will I find out about my claim?

We’ll write to you explaining the decision we’ve made. 

We’ll tell you how much you’re being awarded, how long for, the arrangements for reviewing the decision and your responsibilities.

Please note the appeal rights for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction don’t exist for DHP.

We don’t have a legal obligation to notify landlords of a DHP decision.

What if my circumstances change?

If you’re receiving DHP you must tell us about any change in circumstances which could affect your DHP payments. 

If the change means you no longer qualify, we have the right to terminate it from the end of the benefit week in which your circumstances changed.

What if I’m paid too much DHP?

We’ll only recover overpaid DHP if:

  • The information you gave us was incorrect or misleading.
  • Or, an error was made when we decided your claim.

How do I appeal a decision?

If you disagree with our decision please write to us outlining why - or if you feel that some information has been missed from your application, please complete a new income and expenditure form. If we’re unable to change it, we’ll let you know what rights you have.

Please note the appeal rights for Housing Benefit don’t exist for DHP.