If you have submitted a complaint to Public Services Ombudsman for Wales (after making a complaint to us first) they will consider whether to carry out an investigation. 

What type of report can the Ombudsman issue?

Under the Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) Act 2005, the Ombudsman can issue one of two types of reports following an investigation into a complaint by a member of the public that they have suffered hardship or injustice through maladministration or service failure on the part of a public body.

The first type of report (known as a Section 16 report) is issued when the Ombudsman believes that the investigation report contains matters of public interest. The body concerned is obliged to give publicity to such a report at its own expense.

The second type of report that the Ombudsman can issue is known as a Section 21 report. He can do so if the public body concerned has agreed to implement any recommendations he has made and if he is satisfied that there is no public interest involved. Summaries of all Section 21 reports can be found in the quarterly editions of the Ombudsman's Casebook.