A concessionary travel card allows you to travel for free on most bus services and some train services in Wales. 

You can apply for a concessionary travel card if you’re 60 or over, or an eligible disabled person, and you live in Wrexham County Borough.

The Transport for Wales website also provides information on eligibility and how you can use the card:

Companion pass

If you need help when travelling by bus, you may be entitled to a companion pass. 

Companion passes allow free travel for one other person accompanying you for your whole journey. Applications for companion bus passes are made to us, not Transport for Wales.


You may be able to get a companion card if you have:

  • Challenging behaviours, with a need to be supervised at all times
  • Severe cognitive and mental impairments (including people who have no awareness of risk and limited ability to plan and follow a journey)
  • A combination of visual and hearing or visual and speech loss that prevents independent mobility
  • Difficulties using a wheelchair independently

Supporting evidence

Your need for a companion must be verified in writing (a letter or email) by an appropriately qualified medical, health or social worker.  You will need to provide a scan, good quality photo, or screenshot of the evidence. 

The evidence must clearly state why the help you need from a companion is beyond the ordinary responsibilities that would be expected of an accompanying person.

More about companion passes

Do I need to provide a photo for a companion pass?

If you already have a valid bus pass with an up to date photo we will use this for your companion pass.

If you have never had a bus pass you will need to provide a photo (of the person applying to be a pass holder, not the companion).

Does my companion need their own pass?

No, your travel pass will display a logo which entitles your companion to travel with you.

Does my companion need to be the same person every time?

No, your companion can be someone different each time you travel.

Does my companion need to be a qualified care worker?

No, your companion can include anyone who is assisting you with travel, this includes friends and family as well as care workers.

Can I have more than one pass for multiple companions?

Unfortunately not, the companion pass only entitles you to be accompanied by one person. Any additional companions will need to pay the standard fare directly to the travel company.

Are there any extra costs when travelling with a companion?

There is no additional charge for your companion to travel with you.

Can my companion travel without me using my travel card?

No, your companion pass displays your name and photograph which can only be used with you present.

I already have a bus pass, what do I do with it when I get my companion pass?

You will need to return your old pass to Contact Wrexham, Wrexham Library, Rhosddu Road, Wrexham, LL11 1AU.

How to apply

You can apply for a companion pass using our online form. You will need to upload the supporting evidence to confirm why a companion is required (alternatively you can post a copy of your evidence to Contact Wrexham, Wrexham Library, Rhosddu Road, Wrexham, LL11 1AU).

The application must be completed in the name of the pass holder (not the companion).

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