A flexible approach for people financially affected by Covid-19

We know that recent events have put some people in a position where they can’t make their normal payments.

The Government hasn’t directed councils to provide a mandatory ‘payment holiday’ on council tax, but we appreciate these are exceptional times, and will work with customers to help ease any financial difficulties.

We will make sure no recovery action is taken against households who’ve been financially affected by coronavirus, and can’t afford their council tax payments over the next three months (April-June).

This will give those customers time to look into any financial help they’re entitled to – including council tax benefit.

However, those who are able to pay are expected to continue to pay their council tax as normal. This will help us to maintain vitally important services during this emergency.

Apply for council tax benefit

During this three month period, you can make an application for council tax reduction (benefit) based on your household income.

If your income is low enough, you’ll receive help towards your council tax. To request an application form, email housingbenefits@wrexham.gov.uk.

If you want to discuss an ongoing claim for benefit, you can contact our benefits team on housingbenefits@wrexham.gov.uk.

Can’t pay all of your council tax?

It takes time for a benefit assessment to be completed, and you might find you’re not entitled to full council tax benefit.

So where possible, we recommend customers financially affected by coronavirus make nominal (reduced) council tax payments over the next three months.

If you’re currently paying by direct debit, you might want to amend or cancel this with your bank, if you’re worried the payments will place you in financial hardship.

Once the three-month period is over, hopefully you’ll be in a better position financially, and you should contact us at this time to discuss your options.

You’ll need to email counciltax@wrexham.gov.uk in June, or telephone 01978 298992 (please contact us by email wherever possible).