Please note: you should only complete this application if your child/children are currently eligible for free school meals. Guidance relating to free school meal eligibility can be found via the following link:


Direct payments are only available for children who receive free school meals and attend schools within Wrexham. If your child or children attend school outside of Wrexham, then you will need to contact the local authority in which the school is situated for details of your free school meal entitlement.

As from Monday 4th May 2020, we have introduced a direct payment system where parents will receive a payment into their bank account on a monthly basis, equating to £19.50 per week for each eligible child in the family. This will enable parents to purchase food for their children.

The scheme is also open for children of critical workers and vulnerable children in receipt of free school meals who are attending school. Parents will be required to use the money to pay for their meal in school, or alternatively provide a packed lunch.

If you have any queries, please e-mail