We (Wrexham County Borough Council) are currently looking to appoint a lay persons to our Governance and Audit Committee. 

From May 2022 the Governance and Audit Committee will be chaired by a lay person. Lay persons are independent members of the public.

This role may be for you if you have an interest or experience in governance, audit, performance or risk management and want to help us ensure that we are governed effectively.

Definition of a lay person

For this role, a lay person means a person who:

  1. Is not a member or an officer of any local authority,
  2. Has not been at any time in the period of twelve months ending with the date of appointment been a member or an officer of any local authority, and
  3. Is not the spouse of civil partner of a member or an officer of any local authority.

The purpose of the committee

This statutory committee is a key part of a local authority’s governance framework and improvement programme.  

The committee provides independent assurance on:

  • the adequacy and effectiveness of the risk management framework
  • the internal control environment
  • the integrity of the financial reporting and governance processes.  
  • performance assessment
  • complaints handling 

By overseeing both internal and external audit it helps to make sure that effective assurance arrangements are in place.

Pay (financial remuneration)
The committee meets several times a year and lay persons are paid for their time.  

The pay is in line with the rates determined by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales.

Applicant suitability

As well as meeting the definition of a lay person, you must be non-political. You will need to have an understanding and commitment to the Seven Principles of Public Life (the Nolan Principles). 

To apply you must also be able to demonstrate the following qualities and characteristics:

  • Interest and knowledge/experience of financial, risk and performance management, audit, accounting concepts and standards, and the regulatory regime within Wales
  • Objective and independent of mind with an unbiased attitude and ability to apply discretion
  • Supportive of good governance principles and their practical application towards the achievement of organisational objectives
  • Strategic thinking and excellent communication skills
  • The ability to understand and weigh up evidence and challenge respectfully

 A detailed knowledge of local government is not necessary although we would expect that potential candidates would be interested in matters relating to public life and services.  

How to apply

You can apply by using our online application form. The closing date for applications is April 15, 2024.

Apply now