Electrical safety

Most accidents involving electricity can be avoided if you follow these rules...

  • never wire more than one appliance into one plug
  • only use adaptors for low loaded items such as table lamps, radios and alarm clocks 
  • don’t take electrical appliances into the bathroom
  • never touch any electrical appliance with wet hands
  • always unplug appliances when not in use
  • never run a flex to an electrical appliance under a carpet as you won’t know when the cable frays
  • replace frayed flexes promptly
  • make sure all appliances are fitted with the correct fuse in the plug
  • don’t obstruct the consumer unit (fuse box) - we may need quick and easy access to it in an emergency
  • fit a contact breaker to the plug socket when using any appliance or machinery outside for example hedge trimmers, lawn mowers or strimmers

Solid fuel safety

Use only approved fuel suitable for your appliance (coal merchants can give advice on which fuels are suitable) and wherever possible you should use a ‘smokeless fuel’. Using petroleum coke isn’t recommended as it could lead to damage to the appliance and you may have to pay a repair charge.

Always use a fire guard when children are around, or when the fire is left burning unattended.

Hot water may become very hot especially when the central heating radiators are off. It’s best not to use the immersion heater when the fire is burning.

Make sure the air vent in the wall is unblocked at all times. Your chimney should be swept every six months. If you think the sweep is overdue then you can contact us to report the repair.