Council tenants

Your home should be a place of safety and enjoyment, and it’s your right to live in peace without being affected by anti-social behaviour and disruptive neighbours.

We’re committed to providing decent homes in a safe environment for people who need them.

Noise nuisance

Nuisance includes persistent/loud noise which may cause distress to others in their home.

It’s essential that you respect your neighbours' privacy and comfort and that you don’t cause noise or annoyance to others. Causing noise nuisance could lead to a breach of covenant in your lease, action could then be taken against you and in serious cases you could lose your home.

Dealing with noise nuisance

If you experience noise nuisance caused by your neighbours, you should follow these steps:

Caused by a leaseholder...

  • Firstly, contact your neighbour and ask them (in a reasonable manner) to stop the noise
  • You could also contact our Environmental Health department for advice, in some cases they may be able to prosecute
  • You could take private action through the courts against the person causing the noise, you should get advice from a solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau first

Caused by a council tenant...

  • Firstly, contact your neighbour and ask them (in a reasonable manner) to stop the noise
  • If the noise continues, contact your local housing estate office or use our online form for reporting noise nuisance.You’ll be asked to keep a diary of the times, dates and type of noise. The housing office will explain why you need to keep this diary and the best way of completing it. Your complaint will be investigated and we’ll decide if there’s a need take court action against the offenders

Report noise nuisance online

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If you want to make a complaint

You can contact your local housing estate office.

Enforcement team 

The housing enforcement team deals with serious cases of nuisance and anti-social behaviour caused by council tenants. Everything you tell us is treated in confidence.

When you report a problem to your local housing estate office, a housing officer will investigate the matter. This may include contacting those causing the problem, as well as working together with other council departments (such as environmental services, in cases of fly tipping or noise nuisance, social services and the youth offending service, and outside agencies such as the police).

If the situation is more serious, or becomes worse, there are a several courses of action we can take to help stop anti-social behaviour, some may involve court action.

Once the team understand the problems you’re experiencing, they can decide on the best course of action to take, possible actions include...

  • Acceptable behaviour contracts, or anti-social behaviour orders, to deter offenders
  • Injunctions
  • Evictions - where appropriate and as a last resort