The installation and maintenance of the drainage system at your property is the landlord’s responsibility.

However, you do have a responsibility as a tenant not to cause a blockage or damage to the system (for example by releasing inappropriate items such as wet wipes, nappies, oil or grease down a drain). 

Your landlord could ask you to pay the repair costs if you didn't take reasonable care to keep the drains free of blockages.

What should I do if there is a drain blockage?

You should report a drain blockage to your landlord in the first instance. If your landlord doesn’t arrange to get it repaired quickly, or is taking no action then contact us (the local authority) for advice. You can do this by emailing (or call 01978 292040 if the situation is urgent). 

If the blockage or leak is causing a problem to other people we may receive complaints from elsewhere, we may then investigate the issue and can take remedial action if necessary.