What is Telecare?

Telecare provides peace of mind that someone can be automatically alerted if you need assistance or in the event of an emergency. Our Telecare Service supports older people, people with disabilities or vulnerable adults and children to live independently. Making sure you can live safely and securely means that you can stay within your own home for as long as possible. 

You can choose a level of support that suits you, from a basic lifeline alarm, to a more comprehensive package with extra sensors that help to manage risks in the home. 

We currently offer 3 categories of Telecare:

  • Tier 1 - Lifeline
  • Tier 2 – Home Assistance
  • Tier 3 – Assessed

Tier 1 and 2 clients do not need a formal assessment. Our installation team will be able to advise you on the most appropriate tier for you. Tier 3 clients will need a formal assessment by our Telecare team or Social Care Assessor, to ensure the most suitable sensors are installed to meet your needs.

All Telecare tiers come with a keysafe as standard so that the emergency services can gain speedy access to your property if they need to. The keysafe code is held on a secure system and is only issued to the emergency services, if and when needed.

Tier 1 – Lifeline

The Tier 1 – Lifeline package contains:

  • a digitally enabled base unit 
  • a pendant for use in the household, which can be worn around the wrist or neck

Following a push of the button on the pendant, or the emergency button on the base unit, a trained operator will speak to you and decide on the best course of action to get you the support you need.

The price for Tier 1 between April 2023 and March 2024 is £5.65 per week.

There is a one-off installation charge of £25.

If the service is cancelled within 18 months of installation, there will be a £25 cancellation charge (waived if cancelled within 14 days of installation).

Tier 2 – Home Assistance

The Tier 2 – Home Assistance package contains everything in Tier 1, plus:

  • a smoke detector
  • a heat extremes monitor 
  • an inactivity monitor
  • a bogus caller button

These extra sensors help to keep you safe in your home, and can help to automatically get support if there was a fire in your property. The bogus caller button can be placed by your front door, and can be pressed if anyone unfamiliar is on your doorstep and tries to gain access to your property.

An inactivity monitor can be strategically placed in your home, and will automatically alert the monitoring centre if it doesn’t detect movement within a defined time period. This can be useful if you are unable to use your pendant and require support.

This package costs an extra 71p a week above Tier 1, at £6.36 per week.

There is a one-off installation charge of £25.

If the service is cancelled within 18 months of installation, there will be a £25 cancellation charge (waived if cancelled within 14 days of installation).

Tier 3 – Assessed

The Tier 3 package encompasses any extra bespoke package on top of your current tier in order to ensure you can remain safe and independent at home.

Social Services will need to carry out an assessment, working with you to decide what the best equipment is to meet your needs.

There is no extra cost for any equipment provided following an assessment, and you will be charged in line with your applicable tier. For example, if you have the Home Assistance package in place, or opt for this package during installation, your charge will be £6.36 per week regardless of any extra equipment installed.

If you wish to have an assessment for Telecare equipment, please contact Social Services on 01978 298543.

Paying for Telecare

There are different ways you can pay for your Telecare package. 

You will receive an annual invoice in advance for the service, from the date you had the service installed until March 31st the following year. 


You can select the ‘Pay now’ button below which will take you to the ‘Debtor Invoices’ option on our e-store, which can be used to pay for Telecare. Make sure to have your invoice number to hand when paying online - to enter into the ‘Reference’ box.

Pay now

Direct Debit

A Direct Debit mandate will be included in your invoice. If you wish to pay monthly, you can return the mandate and a monthly Direct Debit will be set up for you.

By phone

You can use the 24/7 payment line to make a payment over the phone, please call 0300 333 6500.

A full range of payment options is explained on the reverse side of your invoice.

How do I apply?

You can apply for Telecare by ringing Delta Wellbeing on 0300 333 2222, or by emailing telecare@wrexham.gov.uk.

You will be offered an appointment time and date, and an installer will set up your new equipment and explain to you how it all works. The installer will also demonstrate the equipment in use, and make a test call to the contact centre.

For any questions about the Telecare service, please email telecare@wrexham.gov.uk or call 01978 298543.