We are committed to working with, and supporting residents to get involved with housing issues and the services we provide. 

We recognise that effective resident participation needs to have a wide range of people involved in many different activities.

Why should I get involved?

By sharing your views about how you think we can provide better housing services you could help to directly bring the changes you think are needed in your community.

Our ultimate goal is to have more residents, leaseholders and stakeholders playing an active part in our decision-making process.

Consulting you about our performance and plans

We must by law, consult you about:

  • Any alterations we propose to make to your occupation contract.
  • Any modernisation or improvements we are planning to carry out to your home.
  • Any changes to the way we manage the services that we deliver to you, for example repair response times or contract holders repair responsibilities.

We may consult you through:

  • Home visits
  • Letters
  • Surveys
  • Meetings, open days or exhibitions.
  • Our newsletter ‘Housing Hotline’
  • Social media platforms

How can I get involved?

We understand that typical methods of resident participation (such as committee membership) can take up lots of time and energy. This suits some people, but if you find you’re too busy or only want to share views on specific topics occasionally, then there are still ways to get involved.

Ways to get involved

There are a range of different ways for you to get involved:

  • Service improvement groups
  • Mystery shopping / contract holders inspections
  • Contract holders’ events
  • Contract holder participation database

You could also get involved by joining in with the following types of groups...

Wrexham tenant and member partnership

The group is made up of 12 residents and 10 councillors who meet fairly regularly to look at how well services are performing (particularly the way housing services are delivered).

The vision of the partnership is to identify and resolve issues which affect residents. 

The aims of the group are to:

  • Scrutinise and monitor performance of our housing service
  • Influence change
  • Deliver the best service to our residents

Minutes of meetings

You can request the minutes of previous meetings by contacting our Tenant Participation Project Officer.

Resident groups/associations

These are groups which are set up and run by members of a community/area (this can cover a local estate, or even a single block or street). They’re open to everybody who lives within its boundaries.

Their aim is to improve areas and set up partnerships with us (the council), the police, schools and other local services to make them a better place to live. Having these groups in place can make it easier to gather information about, and deal with, local issues. They are also valuable in ensuring information is shared with other members of the community.

Resident associations can apply for grant funding from us (if certain criteria is met). You can contact our Tenant Participation Project Officer for more information.

There are currently active associations in the following areas:

  • Afon
  • Barracksfield
  • Bryn Offa
  • Bryn y Brain (Rhos)
  • Brymbo
  • Cefn and District
  • Kingsley Circle
  • Nelson Street / Napier Square
  • Pant (Rhos)
  • Pentre Maelor
  • Pen-y-Cae
  • Pentre Gwyn / Tanycoed
  • Rhosnesni
  • Ruabon
  • Springlodge
  • Whitegate

If there isn't a group near you, why not start one?

If you’d like to set up a resident association, but don’t know where to start, you can contact our Tenant Participation Project Officer and they’ll be able to provide advice and support.

By registering your group you can make sure it has a formal role in the resident participation process.

Right to Manage

Resident organisations can take over managing their homes. This is called the ‘Right to Manage’. 

If a resident organisation can show that they are representative of the residents in their area, and also accountable, they can exercise the Right to Manage - through a resident management organisation. 

Having the Right to Manage as a resident management organisation means you can take over most of the day to day management of your area, or you can choose particular functions to take over. 

The process can take a few years to organise and before it can take effect, residents will have the right to vote whether or not they think the resident organisation should manage any services.  

Remember, even if you have the Right to Manage, we (the council) will still own your home. You can get more information on the Right to Manage from your local housing office.

Wrexham resident forum

This forum meets three times a year, and is open for any of our residents or leaseholders to attend. The group looks at housing services and provides feedback that influences what we focus our efforts on.

The forum is a key feedback group, which has developed to work with us in reviewing our housing services.

Review/focus groups

Several resident groups meet with officers to review the different services we provide, such as how we deal with anti-social behaviour, empty properties repairs and routine repairs.

Working with our residents in these review groups has brought about changes such as:

  • a repairs appointment system
  • repairs receipts and customer satisfaction surveys
  • a revised repairs standard when re-letting properties called the ‘lettable standard’
  • a revised allocations procedure for the letting of properties to applicants
  • the introduction of PayPoint and post office payments

Transport can be provided to and from the meetings.

If you’d like further details about review groups you can contact our Tenant Participation Project Officer.

Residents’ newsletter editorial group

This is a group of residents who help make sure the quarterly Hotline newsletter is easy to read, and provide views on what people might like to read about. They also meet monthly to review other customer literature produced by the housing department. Some residents choose to become local reporters and write articles on local issues for the Hotline newsletter.

If you’d like further details about the newsletter editorial group you can contact our Tenant Participation Project Officer.

Sheltered residents association

This is a group of residents from sheltered accommodation who meet every two months to discuss issues specific to sheltered residents.

Transport can be provided to and from the meetings.

If you’d like further details about the sheltered residents association you can contact our Tenant Participation Project Officer.

Getting involved could also just mean letting us know your views on a particular topic by returning a questionnaire or survey. We ask for feedback on everything from big policy changes to our day-to-day service.

As a member of the public, you also have the right to come and listen to our Executive Board and Scrutiny Committee meetings, where councillors decide how the housing service is run and managed. 

If you would like to be sent a copy of the Tenant and Leaseholder Participation Strategy you can request this from our Tenant Participation Project Officer.

Contact our Tenant Participation Project Officer

Email: getinvolvedinhousing@wrexham.gov.uk