Our (Wrexham Council’s) Placement Sufficiency Strategy 2020 – 24 sets out our strategic approach to making sure that looked after children are provided with sufficient, high quality accommodation to meet their needs. 

We value the experiences of children and young people in care and we are committed to involving them in decisions that affect their lives. We do this by asking what they want, listening to what they tell us and taking action.

This strategy takes into account the needs of looked after children in Wrexham and their families. This is based on what they have told us about their experiences of being in our care; through the annual Young People’s Care Council Survey. 

By carrying out the survey the Young People’s Care Council can:

  • better represent children and young people 
  • continue to tell us what needs to change, whilst providing ideas and advice about how best to do this

Our pledges to looked after children and care leavers also inform the core principles of this strategy. 

As a council, we are committed to working with families to keep them together, and reducing the number of looked after children. However, for children and young people where continuing to live at home is not an option, we will work with our partners to make sure they have a consistent place to live, where they feel cared for and safe. The partners we work with include those within the independent sector.

Our strategy provides a framework for how we will achieve this. 

For a full copy of our Placement Sufficiency Strategy 2020-24, please email scpractice@wrexham.gov.uk