Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for carrying out repair and maintenance to the structure, exterior and shared parts of your block of flats. This includes...

  • lifts
  • exterior walls
  • external decoration
  • internal communal decoration
  • beams
  • timber and joists
  • roofs
  • foundations
  • chimney stacks
  • sewers and drains
  • rainwater and soil pipes
  • pipes up to the flat
  • gas, water and electricity
  • public way windows and doors
  • communal grounds and parking areas
  • communal garden, paths, walls, fences, yards and paved areas

We’re not responsible for maintaining and repairing doors and windows of your leased flat.

However, we’ll paint and decorate the exterior of the building as often as reasonably necessary, (including all the external doors and windows).

Your responsibilities

As a leaseholder your repair responsibilities include (but are not exhaustive) to the following...

  • floors
  • fittings, such as kitchen units and sinks
  • internal non-structural walls
  • plaster or other surface material on interior walls and ceilings
  • internal doors and door frames
  • toilets, baths and showers
  • radiators, cisterns and tanks
  • boilers and pipes used exclusively within the flat
  • gas, water and electricity installations exclusive to the fixtures, fittings and internal decorations 

How to report repairs

If a repair or maintenance problem is our responsibility you should contact us. All repairs are assessed on their urgency and you’ll receive the same priority as our tenants.

Outside office hours

Only emergencies will be dealt with outside normal working hours. This covers work which must be carried out to avoid danger or serious damage to the building, or to ensure the health and safety of residents. Outside normal working hours (including weekends) you should call 01978 298993.

Summary of repair responsibilities

Summary of repair responsibilities
Type of repair Responsibility
Front door to flat
Door Leaseholder
Door handles Leaseholder
Door locks Leaseholder
Lost keys Leaseholder
Additional security Leaseholder
Internal doors in flat Leaseholder
Windows to flat
Window fixtures and catches Leaseholder
Window panes Leaseholder
Additional security Leaseholder
Communal boiler Council
Radiators and pipes connected to a communal heating system Council
Individual heating system Leaseholder
Room heaters Leaseholder
Sweeping chimneys Leaseholder
Fireplaces Leaseholder
Faults within the flat Leaseholder
Communal lighting Council
Immersion heater Leaseholder
Fuses Leaseholder
Extraction fans Leaseholder
Burst pipe within the flat Leaseholder
Tap and tap washers Leaseholder
Stopcocks, ball valves, bath, basin, sink Leaseholder
Hot or colder water tanks within the flat Leaseholder
Main storage tank (in communal loft) Council
Unblocking gulleys (drains) Council
Pigeon infestation Leaseholder
Structural works Council
Blockage to shared drainage pipes Council
Blockage within the flat Leaseholder
Gas (call National Grid Gas)
Gas leaks within the flat Leaseholder
Cookers Leaseholder
Gas fires Leaseholder
Gas servicing Leaseholder
Roofs Council
Gutters Council
Walls and ceilings
Internal walls Leaseholder
Structure of party wall Council
Internal plaster Leaseholder
Ceilings Leaseholder
Walls to communal area Council
Floors within the flat
Floorboards Leaseholder
Joists Council
Skirting boards Leaseholder
Floor tiles Leaseholder
Concrete screeding Leaseholder
Internal decoration Leaseholder
Decorations to communal areas Council
Communal facilities
Car parking areas Council
Communal garden and grassed area Council
Communal laundry and facilities Council
Communal TV aerial Council
Entry phone system and lifts Council
Communal path and gates Council
Insect/rodent infestation to individual property Leaseholder
Insect/rodent infestation to block Pest Control

Major repair work and improvements

In some instances (following surveys, consulting with residents, or whilst routine repairs are being carried out) we identify the need for major repair work, and improvement projects. This work may include...

  • replacement roofs
  • installation of door entry systems
  • replacement lifts
  • replacement balconies

Under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, we have a duty to consult with you before major repair works and improvements are carried out.


As your Landlord, we believe in full and open consultation before major works and improvements are carried out. We’ll attend tenants and residents and leasehold group meetings where required, so you’re aware of issues that could affect you.

The legislation requires us to consult if a leaseholder's contribution is going to be more than £250 or any figure as set in the future by statute. You’ll be sent a letter telling you about the proposed works and you’ll be invited to make written observations, within 30 days, if you choose. In certain circumstances, you have an opportunity to nominate a contractor. If you nominate a contractor, and they fulfil our criteria, they may be asked to provide a quotation along with contractors on our approved list.

When tender documentation has been received you’ll be sent a detailed letter of what works are planned, who the contractors will be and costs involved. Again you’ll be given 30 days to make written observations.

We’ll take your comments into account and won’t begin any work before the end date of the consultation period, which will be stated on all correspondence.

Once the works are completed, inspected and we’ve paid the contractor, an invoice for your contribution will be sent to you.