The Knife Angel, also known as the ‘National Monument Against Violence and Aggression’, is a touring artwork that was hosted in Wrexham in October 2022. Its aim was to bring an awareness of the consequences in our society of violence and crime - especially knife crime.

The Angel was completed in 2018 by artist Alfie Bradley of the British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry. Bradley designed the monument to highlight the negative effects of violent behaviour and the critical need for social change.

Angel Cyllyll / Knife Angel

Awareness campaign

We, along with North Wales Police and other partner organisations, ran a month-long awareness campaign about knife crime during the Knife Angel visit. We did this to address concerns about knife crime and violence, as well as any misconceptions and fears that people may have within our communities.

We held information events at the Knife Angel, educational sessions at schools and youth clubs, as well as producing an educational resource booklet for young people.

The Senedd yr Ifanc also launched a knife crime campaign whereby partner agencies agreed to continue the work against knife crime following the Knife Angel’s departure.

There has been a marked decrease in knife crime incidents over the past few years, and knife crime in Wrexham remains low. We aim to continue to provide reassurance that not only is the community of Wrexham a great place to live and work, but also a safe place.

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