What do we do

At Wrexham Youth Justice Service we help prevent children and young people from getting involved in crime and anti-social behaviour that affects their communities.

We work with young people aged 10-17 years, as well as their families, victims, and neighbourhoods, to prevent offending and re-offending. Our aim is to help reduce the impact, fear and amount of crime in the county borough.

When do we work with young people?

We work with young people aged 10-17:

Who have not committed a crime 

  • Where there is a worry that they might become involved in offending (we call this our ‘Prevention Support Programme’)

Who have been involved in anti-social behaviour

  • Where the police have referred them to the Youth Justice Service to see if we need to offer support

Who have committed a crime

  • Where the police have referred them for an out of court disposal (we call this the ‘Bureau’ – find out more about this process)
  • Where they have appeared before court and have been sentenced to a statutory community order
  • Where they have appeared before court and have been sentenced to custody

More about the Youth Justice Service team

Who makes up the team?

The team is made up of lots of staff from different organisations who work together, including:

  • Youth justice officers
  • Senior support workers
  • Youth workers
  • Social workers
  • Probation officers
  • Substance misuse practitioners
  • Education specialists
  • A victim liaison worker
  • A CAMHS practitioner
  • A police officer

Other work that we do

  • Appropriate adult services for young people during police interview
  • Anti-social behaviour workshops in local secondary schools
  • Community projects
  • Preparation of pre-sentence reports for court
  • Support services for victims of crime including restorative justice interventions


We are funded by the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, Welsh Government and local strategic partnerships.

Become a volunteer

We have a growing number of Youth Justice Service volunteers who support our team.

Volunteers get the opportunity to work directly with children and young people, and support decision-making at our panel meetings.

We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved. Email volunteerps@wrexham.gov.uk for more information.

Contact us

For more information about the service please call 01978 298739.