Brynkinalt Park is a large area of community woodland and informal open space, on the outskirts of Chirk. The park has magnificent views over Chirk towards the Berwyn hills and Shropshire.

There are wooded slopes, with extensive areas of planted native woodland and wildflower meadows. These areas allow wildlife to flourish and also encourage the natural regeneration of trees on the reclaimed soils.

The park also contains mining artefacts, a coal wagon and cutting disc to celebrate the park's industrial heritage. Before the coal mining, the land was part of Brynkinalt Home Farm, and there is a covered reservoir at the highest point which still supplies the water to Brynkinalt Hall.

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Car parking

There is a car parking area off Middleton Terrace at the lower entrance to the park, and a smaller area at the top of Chirk Green Road, which links to a network of surfaced footpaths within the park. 


Dogs are welcome at Brynkinalt Park but must be kept under control. Please remember that failure to pick up dog waste is a serious offence with fines in operation.


The land at the site is reclaimed from the old spoil heaps of the former Brynkinalt colliery.

Coal mining started at Brynkinalt when the first shaft was sunk in the 1860’s by the by Brynkinalt Coal Co. Ltd. At its peak in 1923 the colliery employed 1,675 miners.

During the strike of 1912, over 1,000 soldiers were sent to protect the pit from striking miners from other neighbouring collieries. Brynkinalt was not on strike as the mine owner had a good relationship with his workers, who already enjoyed the concessions demanded by the striking miners.

In 1928 coal production ceased, but Brynkinalt was maintained as a ventilation shaft for the neighbouring Ifton Colliery at St Martins.

The mine eventually closed when mining stopped at Ifton in 1968.

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