1. The season ticket disc shall be valid at Tŷ Mawr Country Park, Nant Mill Visitor Centre and Alyn Waters Country Park Gwersyllt and Llay side car parks. It is not valid at any other council car parks.
  2. Season ticket discs issued to the holder are non-transferrable. They are issued to the vehicle registration stated on application. In the event of the holder changing vehicles the new details should be emailed to countryparks@wrexham.gov.uk; a new ticket will then be sent in the post.
  3. Vehicles displaying a valid Blue Badge are not subject to charges and therefore do not need a season ticket disc.
  4. Tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  5. Wrexham County Borough Council ("the council") accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to cars parked in the car park or the contents thereof, unless such loss or damage is caused by the negligence of the council.
  6. The council accepts no responsibility for any personal injury to the season ticket holder, any passenger of the season ticket holder, or any persons authorised by the owner to enter the car park in connection with the use of the season ticket, unless such injury is caused by the negligence of the council.
  7. The season ticket disc shall be attached in a prominent position to the front windscreen of the disk holder's vehicle in order that it may be readily inspected at any time by any authorised officer of the council (in order to verify its current validity in relation to the car park).
  8. The season ticket holder shall not, while in the car park, cause or permit his/her vehicle to be so parked as to obstruct any access way, service area or bay, hydrant, sub-station or any entrance or exit from buildings adjacent to the car park.
  9. The season ticket disc issued to the holder shall remain the property of the council and shall be surrendered to the council on the expiry of the period for which it is valid or on the earlier determination of the right to park in the car park conferred by the season ticket disc in the event of such right being withdrawn by the council for whatever reason.
  10. In the event of the loss by the holder of the season ticket disc issued to him/her a replacement disc can be obtained for £10 (ten pounds). This shall be in addition to any penalty charge notice payments due arising from this loss.
  11. The council reserves the right to close the car park to which the season ticket disc relates on any day when the car park is required for any civic or other special event, in adverse weather conditions, in the event of a public emergency, or when repairs and maintenance are required to the car park itself or to any adjacent buildings or facilities.
  12. The council reserves the right to terminate the right to park conferred by the season ticket. No refunds will be given, if the season ticket concession is terminated by the council or the purchaser no longer requires the ticket.
  13. The council reserves the right to issue a penalty charge notice in any case of vehicles where:

a) No season ticket disc is displayed.
b) The vehicle is incorrectly parked.
c) The type of vehicle was not permitted in that area.
d) Any trailer had been left in the parking place without a ticket.
e) Any other contravention of the relevant Wrexham County Borough Council (off-street parking place) order.

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