Apply for a licence

To apply for private hire or hackney carriage licence, you will need to download and complete the relevant forms, then post to one of the following addresses.

Private hire driver, private hire operator and private hire vehicle applications

Apply online for a Hackney carriage or private hire vehicle licence

Transport Depot
Abbey Road
Wrexham Industrial Estate
LL13 9PW

All other applications

Public Protection Services
Lambpit Street
LL11 1AR

Application forms

Policy statement: disclosure information

Criminal Record checks are required for private hire and hackney drivers, private hire operators and motor salvage operators.

Our policy statement explains how disclosure information is handled, used, stored and disposed of.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

List of available vehicles designated for the purposes of section 165 of the Equality Act 2010.

Licence fees


Type Fee
Hackney carriage license – (new and renewal) £185
Private hire licence – (new and renewal) £205
Private hire (wheelchair accessible) – (new and renewal) £185
Private hire (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) suitability assessment £63
Missed test appointment £25
Transfer of ownership £40

Excluding plates, brackets, platforms and window signs. See prices for these below.


Type Fee
Hackney carriage - new 3 year £314
Hackney carriage - renewal 3 year £275
Private hire - new 3 year £319
Private hire - renewal 3 year £280

Applicants pay Taxiplus direct for DBS and DVLA checks. The cost of this is deducted from the fee.

Private hire operators

Type Fee
1 to 9 vehicles 5 year - new £550
10 vehicles and above 5 year - new £1,573
1 to 9 vehicles 5 year - renewal £508
10 vehicles and above 5 year - renewal £1,540
Transfer £31

Miscellaneous items

Type Fee
Vehicle plate £9
Platform £9
Bracket - clear £10
Bracket - black £13
Window sign £7
Drivers badge £4
Drivers ID card £5
Drivers badge pocket £1

Hackney carriage

Requires 1 x plate, platform and bracket.

Private hire

Requires 2 x plates, platforms, brackets and window signs.


Existing platforms, brackets and window signs may be reused on renewal.

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