The aim of this loan is to help bring empty properties back into residential use.

These loans have been developed in partnership with the Welsh Government and are funded via the 'Vibrant and Viable Places' and 'Houses into Homes' schemes.


Interest free loans of up to £25,000 are available to allow properties that have been empty for six months or more to be brought back into residential use.

Properties that have been converted to a number of self-contained units may be eligible for loans per self-contained unit (up to a maximum of 10 units per applicant in Wrexham town centre and six units per applicant elsewhere in the county borough).

Once the work is completed the property must be rented out or sold.

How does the loan work?

The loan is a secured loan with a charge placed against the property for the lifetime of the loan. A first or second charge will be required with the total amount of loans not exceeding 80% Loan to Value (LTV). Normally the charge will be placed on the property which is being improved, however the charge may be secured against an alternative property if necessary.


Loans are currently subject to an application fee of up to £595, plus Land Registry and Companies House fees as applicable (no further interest is charged on the loan itself). Confirmation of fees will be provided at time of application. This covers all costs incurred by us in providing the loan, including Legal Fees and Valuation Fees (if required). There are no charges for early repayment of the fees.

Extra help

If you need to find contactors to do the work we may be able to help with our Houseproud scheme (there is a small charge for the use of this scheme).

How soon does the loan need to be repaid?

The loan is repayable over a period of up to five years (or upon the sale of the property if it is sold within this time).

How can I apply?

You can apply by emailing