The Definitive Map and Statement is the Council’s legal record of Public Rights of Way in Wrexham. It was prepared under the provisions of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949. It shows public footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic (BOATs). It is conclusive evidence of the existence of the rights of way. Although it should be noted that Public Rights of Way may exist that are not shown on the map. Claims are continuously being made to add such routes.

Key: byway open to all trafficByway open to all traffic, Bridlewaysbridleways, Footpathfootpaths. 

Important note – The rights of way information shown on this map is provided for information only and must not be relied on for legal, statutory or any other formal purposes. The legal record of rights of way, known as the Definitive Map and Statement, can be viewed by appointment with the Rights of Way section. To make an appointment please e-mail