There are 525 miles of recorded Public Rights of Way in Wrexham. As you can imagine, a lot of work goes in to ensuring that the network of Public Rights of Way is open, accessible and easy to use. By becoming a volunteer you can help the County Borough maintain its recorded Public Rights of Way and enable the public to enjoy the beautiful countryside and urban areas that Wrexham has to offer.

The number of volunteers carrying out various jobs on Public Rights of Way has steadily increased in recent years. Whether it be to keep fit and active, or something to do in your spare time, everyone in the Public Rights of Way team is grateful for the help provided. 

List of tasks

5 year survey

Inspection once every 5 years of a networks of paths in a community.

Every 5 years the Public Rights of Way team must carry out a public liability insurance survey of each path in Wrexham. A basic survey involves walking the line of the path and noting any dangers found. However, if you have the time and patience, a more detailed survey would be much appreciated. This includes noting dangers and obstructions, as well as detailing furniture such as stiles, gates etc and the condition they are in. Also noting the condition of the path, ie. boggy area, cropped or ploughed. In doing this it helps us build up a digital mapping system containing details of each path so that we can monitor and maintain Wrexham’s Public Rights of Way.

Promoted routes

Inspection once or twice a year of a promoted route.

We have a number of promoted routes in Wrexham.

A survey of a promoted route would involve contacting the Rights of Way department in the first instance and discussing which route you would like to survey. Once a route has been chosen you will receive maps, walk information and details of what do to.

The survey would involve walking the route and noting any dangers or obstructions, furniture such as signposts, stile, gates etc and their condition; also cutting back any light overgrowth.


Inspection once or twice a year of a Public Right of Way or a network of Public Rights of Way.

If you feel as though 5 year survey work or promoted route work may not be for you then why not adopt-a-path? Maybe you have a footpath alongside your property, or have a favourite route you walk regularly? You can adopt one, several or paths in a whole community. If you adopt-a-path you can keep it open and easy to use by carrying out minor maintenance on the path(s), such as cutting back light overgrowth, and reporting any bigger jobs to us. Of course the path(s) will then be given a certain degree of priority on our maintenance list, for as long as resources allow, as you have taken the time to help us.

Areas already benefited from having a footpath adopter are:

  • Holt
  • Marchwiel
  • Overton
  • Plas Bennion
  • Brymbo
  • Llay
  • Gwersyllt
  • Coedpoeth
  • Broughton


Help by reporting any cropping issues to the Rights of Way department.

Although it may not seem it, cropping is a very big issue on Public Rights of Way. Mostly occurring in the summer months, cropped fields force walkers off the definitive line and can result in walkers having to zig zag. Not leaving the definitive line of the path free from obstruction is an offence. You can help by informing us of any crops obstructing a Public Right of Way and monitor the situation over a period of time.


Unfortunately we cannot organise and supervise voluntary working parties as this is beyond our resources, but if you are particularly interested in more demanding work, feel free to contact the following: