Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for keeping the structure and outside of your property in good condition. We’ll also keep the following in good condition...

  • Heating and water heating equipment
  • Electric wiring, gas and water pipes
  • Kitchen and bathroom fittings

Our quality commitment to repairs

When you report a repair we’ll...

  • issue you with a receipt when you report a repair
  • carry identification cards for you to see when we call to inspect or carry out your repair
  • give details of the work to be undertaken and discuss any problems that may occur (for example you may need to lift carpets and furniture before repairs are carried out)
  • advise you if a job can’t be completed on the same day and make arrangements with you to complete the job
  • leave an out card -  for you to contact us if we’ve been unable to gain access to inspect or carry out a repair to your home

As well as the above, we should...

  • be polite, courteous and considerate at all times
  • not smoke in your property without your permission

Compensation (Right to repair)

We aim to carry out all repairs to a good standard within priority timescales. If we’ve failed to carry out certain repairs within a certain time and you’ve given us reasonable access then you can use your legal ‘Right to repair’.

The ‘Right to repair’ scheme makes sure that certain small urgent repairs, which may affect your health, safety or security, are done quickly and safely.

These repairs are called ‘Qualifying Repairs’ and are our responsibility...

  • unsafe power or lighting sockets or electrical fittings
  • blocked flue to an open fire or boiler
  • leaking roof
  • toilets which don’t flush
  • blocked sink, bath or basin
  • leaking water pipes, tanks or cistern
  • loose or broken banisters/handrails

When you report your repair the work will be issued to a contractor. If the first contractor doesn’t do the repair in time you can contact the Housing Service Centre and ask for a second contractor to do the work. The second contractor has the same time scale to complete the repair as the first.

The working day period starts the day after the report is received (weekends don’t qualify as working days). In cases of emergency at night and at weekends, call 01978 298993.

If the second contractor fails to do your repair in time you can claim compensation. For every extra day you wait, you’ll get payment up to the maximum compensation allowed. We’ll pay you compensation unless you owe us any money - if you do then we’ll take it away from the amount you owe.

You can request a leaflet with information about 'Right to Repair’ from your local housing office.