You’re responsible for minor repairs, but we may be able to help if you’re over 60 or severely disabled.

Minor repairs include...

  • plugs and chains for sinks, baths and wash hand basins
  • toilet seats and covers
  • clothes lines and rotary dryers (except in shared yards)
  • grate bottoms within 12 months of renewal
  • change of locks if keys are lost
  • cost of gaining entry if you are locked out
  • testing smoke alarms (if you have a battery smoke detector fitted let us know and we’ll arrange to have it changed to mains)

You’re responsible for repairing and/or maintaining any fixture or fitting that you’ve paid for and installed yourself.

You’re also responsible for carrying out repairs to any of our fixtures and fittings which have been damaged by you, anyone living with you, visitors or contractors hired by you. This includes any damage that was caused accidentally, through carelessness, or deliberately.

Rechargeable repairs 

If we have to repair damage caused by you or the people you’re responsible for, then we’ll recharge you for the cost of the work (even if you’re over 60 or severely disabled).

What if damage is caused by an accident?

You’re responsible for any accidental damage. You may be able to claim the cost of repairing this damage against your household contents insurance.

You should check with your insurance company. If you can’t carry out the repair and we have to do it we’ll charge you for the work.

Tenants’ DIY, improvements and decorating 

You must complete an application form (available from your local housing office) and get our permission before carrying out any alterations or improvements to your property. All work will be inspected and must be done to our satisfaction. In the case of gas and electrical works, this must be carried out to CORGI and NICEIC standards and certificates issued.

If the work is unsatisfactory you’ll have to repair the damage or provide a replacement. If you can’t do this and we have to carry out the work, you’ll be recharged. 

You’re responsible for decorating the inside of your home, which should be kept in a reasonable and clean condition. We’re responsible for painting the outside.

Keeping your home secure

You’ll be recharged when repairs are required due to misuse, neglect, or carelessness for your responsibility to keep your home secure. We’ll secure the property and replace windows if required, and recharge you for this.

You’ll have to pay if your keys are lost or stolen and we have to replace them.


When you’ve reported an emergency repair that was the fault of you or someone you’re responsible for, and you’re told that there’ll be a recharge, we’ll normally write to you as quickly as possible to confirm the charge.

A recharge will be made if you mislead the call centre into sending trades people out for a non-emergency job by exaggerating the urgency of the repair. All telephone calls are recorded.

During normal working hours you’ll be told when the tradesperson will arrive. You’ll be required to wait in until someone arrives. If you’re unable to stay at your property and you’re out when we call, but haven’t made any arrangement with us, the job may be reprioritised to a non-emergency status depending on the nature of the job.

We may need to access your home immediately if we think there’s an emergency.


If a repairs officer or tradesman call and can’t gain access they’ll leave an ‘out-card’. This requests that you reply if you still require the repair to be undertaken.

You must allow our workers or people sent by us into your home to inspect the condition of any part or the whole of the home; carry out any servicing or to inspect and carry out repairs and improvements to your home or property next to it.

If we think there’s an emergency, we can come into your home immediately. If you don’t let us in, you could be putting yourself and your neighbours at risk. If any emergency was caused by something you, or a person you’re responsible for, did or failed to do we can charge you for the cost of fixing it or any related costs.

With home security in mind all our staff or contractors employed by us carry identification. You should ask to see this before letting them into your home. Representatives of gas, electricity and water companies all carry identification cards.

Never let anyone in without seeing some official identification. If you’re in doubt about any callers to your home, don’t let them in. Check with your local housing office during office hours or call the police.

What if the damage was caused by crime?

If you’ve been the innocent victim of a crime and criminal damage has been caused (for example by forced entry) you must report it to the police and also inform us. You may be able to claim on your own Household Contents Insurance for loss or damage caused as a direct result of theft or attempted theft (forced entry/exit). You’ll need to check this with your insurance company.

When you report a crime to the police, they’ll investigate the complaint thoroughly, and will prosecute anyone who makes a false or misleading statement.

You’ll also have to give us a statement in support of your claim and you must sign a declaration form, which we’ll provide. This can be used in evidence if your complaint is found to be fraudulent, which could put your tenancy at risk.

What if the police forced entry into my home?

The police may need to force entry into your property to detect or prevent a crime. If evidence of crime is detected by the police, the cost of any repairs is your responsibility as a tenant. If there’s no evidence of crime, there won’t be a recharge.

Can I be recharged when I end my tenancy and leave the property?

When you give us notice to end your tenancy (or you’re transferring to another property of ours), we’ll inspect and assess any damage. If a charge is to be raised, we’ll send you a letter advising you of the costs and give you the opportunity to repair any damage, or pay us to do the work.

If we’re unable to gain access until the property is empty, we’ll inspect and assess any damage. Costs to repair any damage will be recharged to you. Any items belonging to you will be removed and you’ll be recharged for the cost.

If you reapply for accommodation in the future, there’ll be a reduction in your waiting list points for outstanding debt as set out in our lettings policy. Points will be adjusted when you confirm that the debt has been settled.

Comments or complaints

If you have any comments or complaints about the way we’ve handled any recharges, you can contact us.

Communal television aerials

If your television operates using a shared aerial system and you suspect a fault, check with your neighbours first so see if they’re having problems with their reception before reporting the matter.

If there’s a problem call us on 01978 298993.