To apply online for a funded early education, nursery school, reception, or secondary place you’ll need to register an account with MyAccount (admissions) (if you haven’t already).

Make a note of your password once you’ve registered - as you’ll be sent an email with a link to access and complete your application.

As well using your own computer, tablet or mobile, you can also apply by using computers at Contact Wrexham and Wrexham library if you have a Wrexham libraries card.

When filling in the online application...

  • Draft out your reasons for choosing particular schools before starting the online application, to save time and reduce the risk of you being timed out by the system
  • Use initial capital letters when entering names, for example: ‘Mr Joe Bloggs, Rose Jarvis, Ben Jones’
  • Use capital letters and leave a space after the first four digits when entering post codes, for example: ‘LL12 6LD’ 
  • Select the full address rather than just the post code when entering the applicant address (parent’s address)
  • Wherever possible use the drop down menus to select current early entitlement settings and chosen schools
  • If your child would have a sibling already attending the school of your choice, who’ll still be there in September 2023, remember to add this information when prompted 
  • Remember to select how you’d like to receive notification of your application (by email or letter)

  • You can choose a number of schools, but make sure you rank them in order of your preference, you can use ‘up and down arrows’ to move your choices around

If you re-enter your application, for any reason, the system automatically sets your application to ‘unsubmitted’. If this happens go to the end page of your application, tick the terms and conditions page, and then click the ‘Submit’ button again even if you haven’t made any changes.