Transfer between schools outside of normal admission times

As a rule transfers normally take place at the beginning of each term, only in exceptional circumstances will a transfer take place at any other time. A transfer should not take longer than 15 school days to process. However, where there are significant issues such as additional learning needs the transfer request may take longer, in order to ensure appropriate provision is in place. Pupils must remain in school while the transfer request is being processed.

We (as Wrexham’s local admissions authority) are prepared to consider requests for transfers between schools other than at normal admission times when it is in the best interests of the child(ren). However, Years 10 and 11 in a secondary school are considered to be a ‘2 year course’ consequently transfer requests to another school within Wrexham, after Year 9, often have a negative impact on pupils’ academic progress and may not considered as appropriate moves. 

Parents seeking transfer other than at the normal transition times are advised as a first step, to discuss their child’s progress and any issues with the headteacher of the child’s present school. Following these discussions, parents who still wish to seek a transfer, should contact us (as the local admissions authority) at The transfer request will be considered within the context of our local authority admissions policy. If a transfer request is not successful, parents are entitled to appeal against the decision (the right to appeal does not apply at nursery stage).