Our Governor Support Services team is made up of:

  • the Governor Support Officer who supports governors and schools with advice and guidance on all aspects of school governance 
  • Governor Advisory Officers who work with schools that are subscribed to the clerking service 

In their role as clerks to governing bodies the team schedules, attends and keeps records of meetings. They also advise on policies and procedural matters, oversee terms of office and appointments, as well as being a point of contact for governors. The team can also advise schools who are not subscribed to the clerking service and take bookings for training courses. 

What can you expect from the Governor Support team? 

To support governors in their role, the Governor Support team offers:

Governor training and development

This includes:

  • planning a wide ranging annual programme of training; provided for governors and clerks
  • contributing to the regional governors’ conference
  • planning and clerking the Wrexham Chair of Governor Association
  • hosting local authority appointed governor briefing sessions

Advice and guidance

This includes:

  • providing relevant advice and support on all school governance issues during office hours
  • supporting in implementing the Welsh Government’s school governance regulations
  • advising on the eligibility of persons to serve on governing bodies and election/appointment to the various categories of governor 
  • advising governors on changes in legislation, policy matters, procedures and points of interest 
  • updating governing bodies on current local and national initiatives
  • encouraging governor self-evaluation
  • advising on statutory committees / complaints procedures

Formal duties and admin

This includes:

  • maintaining a governor database for all schools
  • administrating the appointments of local authority governors
  • making arrangements to ensure that governing bodies are established and operate in accordance with legislative requirements
  • supporting governing bodies facing school re-organisation
  • supporting temporary governing bodies /establishment of federations
  • arranging the drafting, signing and maintenance of the governing body’s instrument of government
  • conducting research / reports for the education department
  • contributing to the regional school self-review toolkit

The Governor Support team aims to provide a high quality advisory clerking service, via a clerking service level agreement. They give responsive advice, support and a development service, which complies with statutory requirements and helps governors fulfil their role in challenging schools and raising standards.  

The service also aims to share local and national priorities, develop partnership working and share best practice. The Governor Support team does this through national, regional and local representation.

To contact the Governor Support team email governorsupport@wrexham.gov.uk.