The Equality Act 2010 requires that we produce a Strategic Equality Plan (SEP) every four years.  Our latest Plan, which contains our Strategic Equality Objectives is for the period 2020-24.

Our objectives are:

  • Close attainment gaps in education (with a specific focus on achievement of boys, accessibility of school buildings and supporting Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children to achieve their potential)
  • Engage with those seeking and providing employment in the County Borough to help increase the number of disabled people accessing employment opportunities and raise awareness of the pay gaps for this group
  • Improving the accessibility of the council
  • Involving all and ensuring that we use information about those who use our services, including those with protected characteristics, to make good decisions
  • Promote and celebrate the ethnic diversity of our communities ensuring they are inclusive and welcoming
  • Supporting diversity in local democracy
  • Improving diversity and addressing any pay gaps in the council’s workforce

Our Plan explains how we developed these objectives and who we consulted with in undertaking this development work.

We will report annually on progress against our responsibilities against the Equality Duty.  We will also be embedding our SEP objectives into our Council Plan (2020-23) and will be reporting on our progress against these as part of our twice yearly Council Plan reporting.