Our Business and Investment team are passionate and committed to helping businesses in the area to succeed. 

We offer free, impartial and confidential support to businesses already trading in, or those looking to relocate to, Wrexham. 

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How we can help your business

As a brief overview we can help you to:

Services and specialist resources for existing businesses

Business-to-business marketing lists

We can provide business to business postal, telesales or email marketing lists in spreadsheet format, which include a contact name for a key decision maker within the business.

Our experienced team can help you to create a legally compliant marketing list tailored to your exact needs. 

Please visit our business-to-business marketing lists webpage for further information and to request a search. 

Market your business effectively

Attracting clients and securing sales can often be one of the most difficult parts of running a business. 

We offer marketing support to help you:

We can also let you know about trading opportunities at events / markets, as well as webinars and other support services which could help you to raise the profile of your business online. 

Please complete our enquiry form to request marketing support and suggestions for your business.

Identify market trends

We’re able to offer access to a range of market leading research reports, which could help if:

  • your business is diversifying into a new market
  • you are applying for funding for your business 
  • you are interested in identifying the future growth prospects of the market your business is currently in

The reports available cover a wide range of sectors and interests, providing information such as:

  • current and predicted future trends within particular market sectors
  • local demographic data
  • footfall statistics 
  • tourism trends

The most notable market research provider we’re able to provide free access to is IBIS World - one of the UK's richest sources of business and industry information. Their reports, which usually cost around £500 to buy, are available for free through our service. They provide independent, accurate, comprehensive, and current research on hundreds of UK market sectors. 

Document / contract templates and model policies

We can provide free access to more than 1,000 up-to-date and customisable business documents from the Indicator – FL Memo tips and advice business database (external link).

The document templates and model policies available cover a variety of topics, which include employment law, fire safety, HR, health and safety, checklists for business, finance management and accountancy. 

All documents are written concisely in plain English and are ready for immediate use. Complete our enquiry form if you would like to request a list of all available document templates and model policies, (up to 10 documents can be provided per month).

Research your competitors / identify suppliers

If you would like to increase your knowledge of your competitors, identify businesses you may be able to collaborate with or source suppliers, we can provide business listings tailored to your requirements on a local, regional or national level. Information on the size of the businesses in terms of employee and turnover ranges, together with a named contact within the business can be provided. Statistical breakdowns of businesses based within specific geographical areas and focusing on specific business types and sizes (by employee and turnover ranges) for instance, can also be provided. 

Please feel free to complete our enquiry form if you would like to obtain details of your competitors (where available), access statistical data, or source relevant suppliers for your business.

Check the credit worthiness of companies

  • Unsure whether a business has the means to pay for goods or services you've been requested to supply? 
  • Interested in verifying the financial viability of your existing / potential suppliers? 
  • Looking to investigate possible business partners before signing a contract? 

Take advantage of our free credit checking service. The reports we’re able to provide from Experian, are both comprehensive and of high quality, providing the information from which well-informed decisions can be made.

Reports will ultimately highlight any companies with a poor credit worthiness rating and those in a poor financial situation before you enter into business with them, thereby greatly reducing the risks associated with financial investments.

Information provided includes a credit score and credit limit value, financial and risk information, ownership and director’s details as well as performance breakdowns highlighting credit score and credit limit changes on a monthly basis together with payment performance information for many companies.

Reports are available for any limited company within the UK, briefer reports are also available for many sole traders. Should you be working with businesses trading outside of the UK reports are also available for foreign companies, however a fee would be applicable to obtain this information. The fee would largely depend on where the business is based. No charge would be incurred until you confirm whether you’d like to obtain the report after a quote has been provided.

Please complete our online enquiry form to request a credit report, providing the name of the company / business and if possible their registered office / trading address and website.

Identify grants / funding your business may be eligible to receive

Grants offer non-repayable finance, which could help you to:

  • Grow and expand your existing business
  • Undertake marketing and promotion work
  • Renovate/develop premises
  • Recruit staff
  • Train your workforce

We’re able to provide access to both accurate and up-to-date information on local, regional and national grant schemes via various resources, which you may be eligible to receive, together with details of venture capital providers, loans, peer-to-peer platforms and competitions with a financial reward.

You will be able to request a funding search to identify sources of finance which may be of interest. The information we provide will be based on funding schemes listed as being open for application on third party funding databases. You can also join our mailing list to be kept up-to-date with any available funding opportunities.

Learn more about various aspects of running a business

We’re also able to provide access to a wide variety of up-to-date factsheets aimed at assisting you with the day to day running of your business.

Network with local businesses and identify business events in Wrexham

Find out about the networking meetings run by Wrexham County Borough Councils Business and Investment team, as well as private sector networking groups and upcoming business events in the Wrexham area.

You can also join our mailing list if you're interested in receiving updates on upcoming business events, forums and networking meetings.

Access and loan business books

A range of books are available from Wrexham Libraries covering a number of business topics (aimed at both new and existing businesses).

You can browse the Wrexham Libraries Service catalogue online to search for books which may be of interest / helpful. You’ll be able to find information about how to become a library member and use the service on the libraries pages.